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WHMCS offers an all-around platform to run a web hosting business. It lets you manage and sell web hosting plans, servers, TLDs, softwares and pretty much anything else. We prepared a beginner's guide to WHMCS to help you understand it.

If you are a provider, a web agency, professional or a developer and you would like WHMCS to become your strategic platform, this is the right place. On our site is the best source of information about WHMCS and the hosting world. Save hundreds of hours with our posts, articles, softwares, solutions and free scripts.


We use WHMCS since 2007 and today we know enough about this area. If you are new to this software, we recommend to indulge reading common mistakes to avoid in WHMCS. It will save you a lot of time and troubles.


We offer softwares to hosting providers and digital companies helping them to overcome complex business problems. On this website you will find WHMCS modules, solutions and a highly informative blog completed with extensive documentation.

Don't miss our Github page where you can find a lot of free scripts 100% open source! Visit about us to learn more about who we are and what we do.


We are constantly evolving and learning new skills and techniques. Here are some of our long-term goals:

  • SEO, an area where we managed to increase traffic by 462%
  • Brining Google Ads in WHMCS and keep sharing information
  • Shifting to a sponsor-driven business model embracing open source
  • Coding softwares for selling online through marketplaces

Having said that, our plans do not distract us from releasing new WHMCS features.


It might surprise you, but we would like to talk about our biggest weakness as we value being open and honest.

We are a small team composed of two persons. Nevertheless, over the years we've worked for or have helped to build hundreds of hosting providers and we continually engage in activities that create value in our field.

We maintain very extensive softwares:

Everything we write is available in english and italian. If we just look at blog and documentation, we wrote articles for total of more than 100.000 words (222 pages of an actual book). We are also active on forums and on social media on as best we can:

As you can imagine we must always be on top of things even though WHMCS doesn't help. Having said that, our motto could be «Busy. Since 2007». Here is the thing. The concept of having too many customers might seem impossible to someone but for us it has always been a reality.

We tried many strategies to streamline pre-sales requests and support but we are still two persons managing things that would require at least five. In this regard, we highly value Tier-0 (or self-help) support. Our website is a big source of information. Before you contact us, please, understand the following:

  • Live Demo lets you try any of our modules in a real WHMCS in less than a minute
  • Documentation is the place to find everything you need to know about our modules
  • Use Lab to request features, report bug and review what we are working on
  • Read specifications and changelogs

Only customers who choose 360° Support gain one-on-one and fast-response support with a Service Level Agreement. Thanks for your understanding.

WHMCS Modules


That's a big YES.

For the ease of customers, we always support the latest version of WHMCS but there's more. We can proudly say that all our modules work with any version of WHMCS v8 and v7, v6 all in the same time.

That said, at the moment we do not support the latest Bootstrap 4 client area template (Twenty-One). Currently we have no ETA as WHMCS team is making his best to release bugs and introducing barely tested features. Simply put, for now stay away from Twenty-One theme. We are unable to support such an unstable mess.


This is one of those questions that make us mad  but don't worry  We think the answer is quite interesting.

A long time a go, there were several software companies working on WHMCS not to mention freelancers.

With the evolution of the hosting industry and WHMCS itself, many third-party softwares have been abandoned by their creators leaving providers in trouble. Moreover it is no secret that WHMCS is getting more and more buggy, which is translating in fewer options left.

Now back to the question, we have always been here constantly improving and maintaining our softwares with dedication. We released so many updates and features that no other developers can match:

The list goes on forever. Having said that, you can bet that we are actively working on WHMCS and our modules.



Software itself is a process, not a product. We must continually maintain modules and implement new features. This is a time-consuming activity that never ends. We coudn't make it without your continued support.

Our core modules cost 149 euro / year and help you overcoming complex business problems that would cost you more than our price tag. A yearly subscription enables customers to use our softwares through convnient yearly payments rather than a big one-time fee.


The code is not open source and it can't be obtained in any way.

In past we were allowing customers to download and edit source code but this quickly led to software fragmentation since everyone was forking our modules. It was becoming impossible to provide support and deliver updates. Enbracing open source is one of our long-term goal on Github but for now we must stick to our plan.


We pride ourselves for having one of easiest upgrading process in the market. Moreover our modules show an alert every time a new version is found. You can also optionally enable a notification via email.


Modules are always available in english and italian.

In addition to that, you can both add new languages and customize language strings in a way that is safely preserved through the upgrade process. In fact our modules implement the concept of language overrides.

Unlike WHMCS, we do not hard-code language strings in the source code meaning that you can customize every bit of information. As if it wasn't enough, even date pickers and calendars support multi-language. Things like month names and days of the week always show in your language.


Of course. We do it ourselves for our site:

Same WHMCS, modules, license keys, same everything. We don't restrict license key to domains or IPs and enjoy multi-domains with WHMCS.


Apart from the hundreds of features everyone wants to use, we addressed 3 long-standing issues that WHMCS staff have always refused to look into. All modules integrate the following 3 proprietary technologies.

Problem Solution
WHMCS makes a large use of tables as it manages lot of details. Let's take invoices as example. Each invoice has about 33 parameters but we can see only 8 of them. This is because WHMCS staff has been a bit lazy with UI SorTables
When it comes to translations, WHMCS always needs you to edit files or scroll through very long pages. This is a counterintuitive process that brings down productivity HereLang
HTML forms constitute a crucial entry point for every web application. Everyday we interact with inputs, date pickers, calendars, selects, checkboxes... but in this area WHMCS does not use cutting edge technology MagicInput

As you can see we don't simply focus on our modules ignoring the rest. We we try our best to improve the overall user experience. To give another example, we started supporting class autoloadings years before WHMCS.

In conclusion, we don't sit around and wait for something good to happen in WHMCS. We make it happen.

Orders & Payments


We accept PayPal and Wire transfer (SEPA).


It usually takes few seconds for payments sent with PayPal and 2-3 days for Wire transfer.

Be advised that from time to time we perform manual verifications. Payments sent outside business hours will be verified the next business day (a business day is a day other than Saturday, Sunday or public holiday). This could cause a delay in the activation of your order.


60 days before the module expires, the following badge will pop-up to inform you that the license is about to expire.

21 days before expiration we will issue the proforma for renewal. We underline that you can renew modules in any moment. To avoid service interruption, you should renew your license prior expiration date.


We offer cart discounts depending on the subscription period. The longer the subscription, the greater the discount.


WHMCS Marketplace uses US Dollar but we sell modules in Euro therefore currency fluctuations can affect prices. We can't regularly update information on Marketplace therefore prices appearing on this site are the official ones.


We want customers to make informed decisions before purchase. To this end our website offers highly informative documentation, a live demo, a platform for feature requests, news and a blog. If you have any question don't hesitate to open a ticket. All purchases are not refundable.


Customers who choose 360° Support gain one-on-one, fast-response, guaranteed-response and personalized support.

Customer Support


We answer to support tickets in business hours on a first come first served and best-effort basis.

We do read all messages and take appropriate actions but we underline that response is not guaranteed. We release frequent updates and describe in detail all new features and fixes in changelogs listed below:

If you have general questions about our modules, check documentation for walkthroughs and answers. Don't forget to join feature requests section.


Only in case of a real emergency you can submit an emergency ticket. This allows you to move your ticket on the top of the list. We invite you to use this option only when it's strictly necessary and only if the problem is caused by a design flaw or a bug.

The repeated and improper use of this feature can result in a penalty of 20.00 €. We don't want to monetize on emergency requests but we must make sure that this option isn't used to bypass waiting times.


No. We understand that some people prefer phone support but for us this is an inefficient way to provide support. Some requests like bug-reporting can take hours of investigations hence we use tickets as our primary mode of support. The only exceptions are customers with 360° Support.


Yes! We appreciate your support because it helps us to improve our modules. You can request features, add tips and rate existing ideas.

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