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Jan 27 What is WHMCS? Beginners Guide - Run Web Hosting Business

What Is WHMCS Used For? An analogy can help to clarify what is WHMCS and why is so popular in web hosting world. Besides being most widley used CMS, WordPress is the most popular bloggin platform on the internet. If you run a blog, WordPress is the answer. Similarly, as far as running a web hosting business, WHMCS is the most popular and used so... Read More »

Jan 26 10 SEO Myths About WHMCS • How Not to Promote a Hosting

It is no secret that WHMCS community is obsessed with SEO. In spite of this, ranging from WHMCS staff to developers and providers, no one really understands search engine optimization. I don't want to sound presumptuous, but in this community no one really knows what is SEO. I keep reading nonsense from multiple sources and I can't stop facepalmin... Read More »

Jan 26 Charge Clients PayPal Fees for Payments sent through WHMCS

Offering multiple payment methods is one of the key to make your web hosting business successful. Customers are busy most of the time that's why you should provide them the comfort they need to buy your hosting plans. WHMCS makes it as easy and as quick as possible. Enabling a new payment method takes a few clicks and you can choose from a list th... Read More »

Jan 24 SEO Implications of Using Premade KB Articles for WHMCS

Premade KB Articles: The Good All right, first things first, there's nothing intrinsically wrong in using premade knowledge base articles. They allow quick implementation of Tier 0 (or self-help) support serving multiple beneficial purposes: Customers resolve problems on their own rather than have to contact you People with open tickets are mo... Read More »

Jan 24 On Google Ads Integration with WHMCS and Open Source

Within the next few weeks our site will start displaying Google Ads on blog posts and docs. The motives behind this are that we're trying to achieve two important goals. One. We want to understand how Google Ads can work with WHMCS. We have plans to integrate it with Mercury. This module already turns WHMCS into a CMS and comes with SEO. Ads would... Read More »

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