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May 27 7 Awful Cliches We See All the Time in Web Hosting

Please bear with me but after working for many years in the hosting industry, I've seen trite cliches that don't make any sense. It's like if standing out from the crowd doesn't interest hosting providers. I compiled a list of the most common cliches which in my opinion should be avoided at any cost. From images that look as fake as a Rolex you'd ... Read More »

May 19 SEO and WHMCS • How we Increased Traffic Rankings by 462%

Where it all started Let me show you how I managed to boost traffic and other metrics with SEO on this WHMCS site. I didn't hire an SEO expert. I did a lot of research and A/B testing myself as I was creating a SEO module for WHMCS. This gave me the opportunity to test SEO techniques in a real case scenario for an extensive period of time. As I w... Read More »

Apr 10 MUST Read Before Launching a WHMCS Site: Bugs & Issues

I started using WHMCS in 2008. As I look back and look at the situation today, I know that something isn't quite right. I recall WHMCS as an old-school piece of software. It wasn't particularly beautiful but it was reliable. What we have now is a software where form becomed a higher priority than substance. WHMCS staff is spending large amounts of... Read More »

Apr 7 What is WHMCS? Beginners Guide - Run Web Hosting Business

What Is WHMCS Used For? An analogy can help to clarify what is WHMCS and why is so important in web hosting world. Besides being most widely used CMS, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet. If you run a blog, WordPress is the answer. Similarly, as far as running a web hosting business, WHMCS is the most popular and used... Read More »

Mar 5 10 SEO Myths About WHMCS • How Not to Promote a Hosting

It is no secret that WHMCS community is obsessed with SEO. In spite of this, ranging from WHMCS staff to developers and providers, no one really understands search engine optimization and myths keep popping up. I don't want to sound presumptuous, but in this community no one really knows what is SEO. I read nonsense from multiple sources and I can... Read More »

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