WHMCS Modules

149€ /year now coding


Stop wasting time with integrations and bridges and transform your WHMCS into a complete CMS like WordPress

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149€ /year now coding

Billing Extension

Monthly invoicing, credit notes, electronic invoicing... Our state of the art software designed with our clients in mind

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149€ /year

Commission Manager

Award commissions and give monthly rewards to affiliates for spreading the word about your products and services

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95€ /year Merged with Mercury

Advanced Localisation

Multi-domain, multi-brand and IP geolocation to offer customized user-experience

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75€ /year

Payments Bundle

Create country-based filters for payment methods. The module also includes GestPay, Nexi and BNL Positivity

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65€ /year

Italian Language Pack

Italian translation for WHMCS administration area, email templates and legacy modules

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Katamaze modules work in synergy with WHMCS and they share these features:

  • Secure database connection with PDO
  • Always available in English and Italian and use Smarty
  • Fully compatible with all versions of WHMCS 7, 6 and 5
  • Whenever possible include technologies like SorTables, HereLang, MagicInput