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WHMCS Modules

Yes. More precisely they're compatible with any version of WHMCS v8, v7, v6 and most of the times also with v5.
We are active on WHMCS since 2007. Over the years we released an enormous number of updates that our competitors can't match. As a reference Billing Extension alone has received more than 230 updates.
Software itself is a process, not a product. Constant updates and improvements are crucial that's why one-time payment is an option. Software development is a time consuming activity and never ends. We couldn't make it without your continued support.
No, it's not open source and it can't be obtained in any way. Let us explain the reasons.

In past it was possible to get the open source but this quickly led to fragmentation since everyone was creating a "fork" of our modules. It was becoming impossible to provide support and this was also affecting our ability to deliver updates. For these reasons we make no exception to this rule.
We pride ourselves on having the easiest upgrading process. All you need to do is following Upgrading modules guide. Moreover you will automatically receive an email and get notified within WHMCS itself when a new update is available.

Every part of modules supports multi-language with English and Italian translations are always available. That being said, you can easily translate them in any language you want.
Yes, we use it ourselves on and Both domains use the same WHMCS. You don't restrict license key to domains or IPs.
We would like to emphasize that all modules integrate proprietary technologies developed by us. Take you time to discover them:

Orders & Payments

We accept PayPal and Wire transfer (SEPA).
It usually takes few seconds for payments sent with PayPal and 2-3 days for Wire transfer.

Be advised that from time to time we perform manual verifications. Payments sent outside business hours will be verified the next business day (a business day is a day other than Saturday, Sunday or public holiday). This could cause a delay in the activation of your order.
When modules are about to expire, we send you email reminders and inform you within the modules itself on your WHMCS. We invite you to renew your product before expiration date to avoid service interruption.
We offer cart discounts depending on the subscription period. The longer the subscription, the greater the discount.
WHMCS Marketplace uses US Dollar but we sell modules in Euro therefore currency fluctuations can affect prices. We can't regularly update information on Marketplace therefore prices appearing on this site are the official ones.
We want customers to make informed decisions before purchase. To this end our website offers highly informative documentation, a live demo, a platform for feature requests, news and a blog. If you have any question don't hesitate to open a ticket. All purchases are not refundable.

Customer Support

We answer to support tickets in business hours on a first come first served and best-effort basis.

We do read all messages and take appropriate actions but we underline that response is not guaranteed. We release frequent updates and describe in detail all new features and fixes in changelogs listed below:If you have general questions about our modules, check documentation for walkthroughs and answers. Don't forget to join feature requests section.
Customers who choose 360° Support gain one-on-one, fast-response, guaranteed-response and personalized support.
Only in case of a real emergency you can submit an emergency ticket. This allows you to move your ticket on the top of the list. We invite you to use this option only when it's strictly necessary and only if the problem is caused by a design flaw or a bug.

The repeated and improper use of this feature can result in a penalty of 20.00 €. We don't want to monetize on emergency requests but we must make sure that this option isn't used to bypass waiting times.
No. We understand that some people prefer phone support but for us this is an inefficient way to provide support. Some requests like bug-reporting can take hours of investigations hence we use tickets as our primary mode of support. The only exceptions are customers with 360° Support.
Yes! We appreciate your support because it helps us to improve our modules. You can request features, add tips and rate existing ideas.

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