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Orders & Payments

We accept Paypal, Wire transfer (SEPA), Bitcoin and many more cryptocurrencies.
We verify payments manually to make sure of the correctness of transactions. Payments sent outside business hours will be verified the next business day (a business day is a day other than Saturday, Sunday or public holiday). This could cause a delay in the activation of your order.

Please notice that there is no need to open a ticket, place a new order or send us a proof of payment. Simply wait for completion of our verification. When your payment is recorded you will receive an email with all information you need to start using your product.
We want our customers to take informed decisions before they purchase any of our products. To this end we have organized the website to give you precise information. In any moment you can open a ticket to request more details or a live demo on our testing platforms. All purchases are not refundable.
When the product you purchased is about to expire, we will send you email reminders and will inform you within the module installed on your system.

We invite you to renew your product before expiration date to avoid service interruption. Payments are verified manually and when they occurr outside business hours they can be verified the next business day. This could cause a delay in the renewal of your product.

If you are no longer interested to renew your product simply ignore our reminders. The module will stop working at its expiration date.
The price of our products is set to maintain exceptional quality standards therefore no discounts are provided. However we want to reward your loyalty by offering discounts for subscriptions that are longer than 1 year.
The only currency supported by WHMCS Marketplace is the US Dollar. We sell modules in Euro therefore the price you see in the Marketplace is the result of EUR/USD exchange at the time of publication. We are not allowed to update it frequently that's why prices published on our website may be different. Prices displayed on shall prevail.

Customer Support

We answer to support tickets in business hours on a first come first served basis. If you need an answer urgently you can open a paid prioritary ticket that guarantee an answer within 12 hours also outside business hours. In case we can't provide you an answer within the defined terms, we will refund you.
Only in case of a real emergency you can send a ticket using the report emergency function. This allows you to move your ticket on the top of the list.

We invite you to use this option only when it's strictly necessary and only if the problem is caused by a design flaw. The penalty for the improper use of emergency support is the cost of a priority ticket plus 5.00 €. We don't want to monetize on emergency requests but we must make sure that this option isn't used to bypass waiting times.
Our primary mode of support is via ticketing system. We don't provide phone support. We understand that some people prefer phone support but we've found we can give our highest quality of support when we focus our efforts on tickets. In past we were more flexible on this matter and happy to share our mobile numbers to have quick conversations on WhatsApp and Skype but this made our ticketing system less effective and we also had requests coming anytime, day and night.

With that being said keep in mind that we will ignore all incoming calls and messages from these communication tools. Please don't think this means we don't want to speak you. It's just an inefficient way to handle support requests. We prefer to use these tools when we work on custom projects or when necessary.
Yes! We appreciate your support because it helps us to bring you better solutions. From our Lab you can request features, add tips and rate existing projects. Please do not open tickets for this kind of requests.
To report a bug use the dedicated section Report bug that can be found in our Lab. Please do not open tickets for this kind of requests.


All modules are compatible with the latest version of WHMCS. More in general all versions of WHMCS 7 and 6 are fully supported.
Software itself is a process, not a product. Constant updates and improvements are required that's why one-time payment is not a valid option.

Software development is a time consuming activity that we take very seriously. We embraced agile methods of software development to emphasize rapid and frequent releases so that with time our modules become better and better.
The code is not open source. In past it was possible to get the open source version of our products but this lead to fragmentation as they were integrated and edited by customers in different ways. It was becoming impossible to provide support for such a big number of variations of the same softwares and this was also affecting out ability to deliver updates. For these reasons we make no exception to this rule.
Every part of modules is available in multi-language. By default they're always translated in English and Italian but we have great ideas to implement additional languages. Take a look at our Community Powered Translations project.

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