Less is More

We designed new billing modes to reduce the number of invoices up to 80% and help you saving 18% on transactions fees.

  • Monthly invoices and payments
  • Postpone the issuing of invoices
  • Turn off billing for fraudulent orders
  • Simplified renewals with Enhanced Renewals

Send White-label monthly expiration notices and stop flooding customers with repetitive emails.

We want Problems

WHMCS lacks of features that every business need. We love to create innovative solutions to address this problem.

  • Issue credit notes, bill overpayments, tax funds
  • Stop issuing unnecessary invoices
  • Fully customizable late fees system
  • Transactions list and credit usage for customers

The module also integrates a system that lets you handle advanced tax rule configurations.

"Freeze" Invoice details

Once an invoice has been issued, it can't be altered or deleted. Billing Extension makes sure that it doesn't happen.

  • Snapshot customers and your business's details
  • Lock invoices and credit notes
  • Detect billing errors with Warning System

You can also set alarms to alert administrators about events that need to be followed up.

Do you "speak" European?

Thanks to Billing Extension your WHMCS will be EU-compliant. MOSS? VIES? No problem.

  • Automatic validation of VAT numbers on VIES
  • Correct taxation for intra/extra EU and special tax districts
  • Support for Cookie regulation

You can rely on a series of tools handling all aspects automatically including tax exemptions.

Have you ever seen...

a WHMCS Module that integrates an area where more features can be added by activating plugins? That's mind blowing 😊

We continue to create new ones! Stay tuned or suggest new ones.

Wanted $ 10,000 Reward

We didn't stop to billing. We developed long-awaited features that were still missing in WHMCS.

For multiple installations of WHMCS Invoice Sync that grants invoice sequential numbering across all your systems.

Happy Accountants

Billing Extension can adapt to any legislation, rule, country and special tax regime.

  • Efficient management with built-in bulk actions
  • Customer-based billing modes
  • Invoice payouts to Affiliates with Commission Manager
  • Conditional text on invoice based on business/location

Last but not least it preserves proforma numbers when they turn into invoices to ease verifications.

Katamaze technology

Billing Extension includes a number of proprietary technologies that enhance the user experience for both the administrator and visitors.

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