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We're in the process of updating and improving the quality of our documentation. This a high effort activity as we have to re-write from scratch 57 articles with a total of 42.600 words. It's the eqivalent of 170 pages of an actual book.

On average it takes 1 day for completing an article therefore we expect to complete this task within 4 months as we are still working on releasing updates.

As you probably know, in our site all contents are available in english and italian language meaning that we should repeat the process also for this language doubling the work (100.000 words and 400 pages).

Right now we're monitoring Analytics to determine if translating articles in italian is worth it or not. In this latter case, we will drop italian language from our site and redirect our efforts on towards something else.

Below you can find a list of articles that have been updated already:

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