Mercury offers all that's missing in WHMCS: news, blog, docs, feature request, bug report, ratings, changelog, live demo.

  • Widgets to integrate any template
  • WHMCS as both CRM and CMS
  • Premium & emergecy tickets

Stop integrating WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and custom-made sites. Transform WHMCS into a CMS.

Search engine optimization

Mercury includes the best SEO tools to get higher rankings. Multilingual titles, OG tags, meta descriptions, Structured Data.

  • SEO-Friendly and Canonical URLs
  • Protection from Duplicate Content
  • Sitemap generator

There are several misconceptions about SEO in the WHMCS Community. Learn how our module can help you.

For Content Creators

Establish your own voice bringing contents to potential customers.

  • Shareability on Social Media with OG Tags
  • Multilingual and localised contents
  • File uploader, featured images, meta tags
  • Scheduled publishing

Share news, start a blog, write documentation, handle software releases, feature requests... need something else? 😊

Increase Engagement

Increase reader engagement with feature-rich sidebar that promotes content across your site.

  • Related news and blog posts
  • Featured and related products
  • Navigate through articles via headings
  • Categories

If a visitor is browsing your website, there's a good chance they'll be interested in or want more information about your topics.

The Laboratory

It's a meeting point where customers are involved in the process of improving your services in various ways.

  • Submit feature requests
  • Report bugs
  • View, comment and rate existing ideas

Quickly determine ideas that attract customers the most by looking at percentile score (100% is the most requested).

Your control center

Keep everything under control from Admin Dashboard.

  • Admin's To-Do List
  • Author's profile with avatar, name and role
  • Comments and requests moderation

Define business hours, working days and holidays to display estimated response time to support tickets.

Katamaze technology

Mercury includes a number of proprietary technologies that enhance the user experience for both the administrator and visitors.

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