Changelog Latest release 4 months ago


In this release there's an important change even though it's not visible. We changed and improved the way our File Uploader stores information on your system. Click here for more details.

New 1
  • Automatic conversion and removal of settings.php files from all galleries
Changed 1
  • File Uploader now uses .conf files instead of .php to save the configuration of each gallery


After more than 3 years we've changed the way we deliver updates for the better. Learn more about this important change by clicking here.

We've also removed some unnecessary files (read notes below) and resolved a low-risk vulnerability in File Uploader.

New 1
  • The upgrade of the module no longer requires manual intervention to apply changes to database
Improved 1
  • Improved the code of File Uploader to cover a possible low-risk vulnerability
Changed 1
  • Removed a directory that was not supposed to be part of the official release

Developer notes

Make sure to remove modules/addons/PaymentsBundle/js/file-upload/server directory with all its contents.

The directory contains images that we uploaded just to test File Uploader even before Payments Bundle was released.


We tuned many features of the module and updated several of our PHP classes to include all the latest changes we made.

New 2
  • The new TinyMCE of WHMCS 7.6.x is fully supported
  • Module's Language files overrides. Customize translations in the same way you do for WHMCS
Improved 9
  • Gateway Fees button/modal - Wrong link to documentation
  • Nexi Gateway - Currency was set as number instead of alphanumeric value
  • Date/Time formatter classes notably improved
  • Gateway fees are no longer recalculated on "closed" invoices
  • Lot of improvements to MagicInput
  • Language class more efficient and flexible
  • Small improvements in Utilities PHP class
  • When Admin has no default language set in WHMCS the installer will use English
  • Depending on WHMCS version in use, Mercury will use correct TinyMCE
Changed 1
  • Small changes to core PHP class of the module
Fixed 1
  • Small bug in our Date class that was showing an "ugly" format: 365 days instead of 1 year


In this release we are replacing the old GestPay module with Payments Bundle that contains many new gateways: GestPay, BNL Positivity, Nexi.

We also developed additional features that allows you to maximize your revenues, limit frauds and charge transactions fees to customers depending on the gateway in use.

Customers who have already purchased the old GestPay can still use it normally and have access to Payments Bundle for free. The price for support & updates is the same of GestPay. For more information please read the official announcement.

New 6
  • New Payment Gateway: BNL Positivity of BNL
  • New Payment Gateway: Nexi of CartaSi
  • Set default gateway for each country
  • Disable gateways for specific countries
  • Option to charge transaction fees to customers
  • Transaction fees are charged directly on invoices
Improved 1
  • GestPay payment gateway has been redesigned
Changed 1
  • The old GestPay gateway module is now part of Payments Bundle

Developer notes

Here is how you can migrate from GestPay to Payments Bundles.

Beging by downloading Payments Bundle and upload it in the root directory of your WHMCS. Once finished activate it and insert your license key. Don't forget that the license key of Payments Bundle is the same used by GestPay. If you need help you can read Modules' installation guide.

Now we need to deactivate the old GestPay gateway from Setup > Payments > Payments Gateways > Manage Existing Gateways. Once finished delete the following files from your system:

  • modules/gateways/gestpay.php
  • modules/gateways/callback/gestpay.php
You can complete with the installation of the new GestPay gateway reading Payment Gateway Setup.

New 1
  • The module is now fully compatible with WHMCS v7, v6 and v5
Improved 1
  • The module has been retested to confirm that it works properly with WHMCS v7