Modules' installation guide


Visit modules page (make sure you are logged in) and click on the module you have just purchased. Go to Manage. Select the appropriate PHP version and press Download button.


Uncompress the downloaded Zip file and upload all files to the root directory of your WHMCS with an FTP client. For more details take a look at the animation below.

If your MySQL server is not running on the default port (3306), open configuration.php and add the following string $db_port = '{YOUR_PORT}'; (don't forget to specify your port). Once done focus on the value of $db_host. If the value is localhost, change it to


In your WHMCS back-end navigate to Setup > Addon Modules page. Find the module in the list and press Activate to start the installation. If you cannot access this page because of a blank page or fatal errors please read our Troubleshooting Blank Page / Oops Error Message guide.

After the installation is complete press Configure button to insert your license key and grant access permissions. Once done click Save Changes.

Further steps

Depending on the module you purchased, there could be further steps to complete the installation.
  • Mercury: visit Addons > Mercury > Settings
  • Billing Extension
  • Payments Bundle
  • Commissions Manager: visit Addons > Commissions Manager > Statistics > Front-end and Setup > Addons Modules > Commissions Manager > Configure
  • Advanced Localisation: visit Addons > Advanced Localisation > Integration and Setup > Addons Modules > Advanced Localisation > Configure
Browse all the available tabs, options and features to make sure that the module is configured exactly as you expect.

There's something more

From Q3 of 2017 we started rebuilding all our modules from scratch to implement new technologies (SorTables, HereLang, MagicInput) and give you a better user-experience. At the moment of writing, Mercury and Billing Extension are our state-of-art modules. Soon we will bring all these innovations to all other modules too starting with Commissions Manager and Advanced Localisation.

Visit our Lab to get more information and join our best development tool! You can ask new features, report bugs and rate existing projects.