Payment Gateway Setup

Back   Posted on 23 may 2018 / Updated on 24 january 2021
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Basic Settings

The setup of most payment gateways in Payments Bundle is straightforward. Begin by visiting Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways and select All Payment Gateways tab. Locate the gateway you want to enable from the list.

If the gateway you chose is highlighted in green it means that it is already enabled. If it's not just click on it. In both cases you can continue the installation by opening Manage Existing Gateways tab. Here are listed all the enabled payment gateways.

Each gateway has its own requirements but don't worry, there are plenty of descriptions. For more information we invite you to read the official documentation here. Below we provide additional information for specific payment gateways that require additional configuration.

BNL Positivity

The only currency supported by this gateway is euro. If you haven't EUR currency in your WHMCS it has to be created from Setup > Payments > Currencies in order to avoid wrong payments.

If you have multi-currencies, enable Convert To For Processing selecting EUR, otherwise you don't need to take any action.


From the back-end interface of GestPay you must set the callback URL as follows:


The URL is the same for both OK and KO responses. Don't forget to replace {PATH_TO_WHMCS} with the path to the root directory of your WHMCS.

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