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Company Profile

Back   Posted on 1 september 2018 / Updated on 15 october 2019
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As we have already discussed here, preserving client data on invoices is important but very often we fail to notice that our own details should be preserved too. What if our company name, address or business type change over time?

Probably you are thinking that you simply need to update Pay To Text from General Settings of HWMCS but this would cause a lot of issues.

Let's suppose that you are using WHMCS from 5 years. As soon as you update your Pay To Text with new data, the change will reflect also on all existing invoices. This way 5 years of invoices have been compromised with such a simple action.

Using Company Profiles

From Billing Extension > Settings > Company Profile you can create as many company profiles as you need. Let's suppose that on 31-08-2018 your company will move to a new address. Simply create a new profile specifying, in addition to your new address, a validity date (eg. Set Valid From equal to 31-08-2018). The new profile will be applied on all proformas, invoices and credit notes issued starting from this date.

You can you this feature to create for example a structure like this one:
  • From 01-01-2017 your company details are "Red Ltd. New York, Some Street 100 - United States"
  • From 01-06-2017 your company details are "Red Ltd. New York, Another Street 5 - United States"
  • From 01-01-2018 your company details are "Blue Ltd. Rome, Ancient Street 4 - Italy"
Long story short Billing Extension create a sort of snapshot also for your company details which include: country, company name, invoice header, conditional footer texts and your logo.

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