Tax Stamp on Invoices

Back   Posted on 2 october 2018 / Updated on 24 january 2021
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Tax stamp, also known as revenue stamp, duty stamp or fiscal stamp, is an adhesive label that is used to collect taxes on invoices. It can be purchased from the government and in some countries it could be necessary for business to attach them on invoices.

If you are required to use them, Billing Extension allows you to charge the costs of tax stamps directly on invoices. Begin by activating Tax Stamp plugin and configure it from Settings page to match your needs.


To avoid any possible confusion, below we are going to provide answers to most common questions.

On which document is the tax stamp applied?
Tax stamp is applied only to "open" documents such as proformas. Existing invoices and credit notes will not be altered.

How and when tax stamp is applied?
Every time a proforma is generated or updated the plugin performs a check to verify if tax stamp should be applied. Calculations are based on invoice total ignoring credit and the cost of tax stamp if already present.

Can I customize the description of tax stamp on invoice?
Of course. You can customize the description by overriding the following language variable $_ADDONLANG['Plugins']['plugin']['taxstamp']['invoicedescription']. The plugin will always use the description available for the language of your customer.

What if I'm using multiple currencies?
That's not a problem. Billing Extension makes easy. Just define the price of tax stamp and set the limit using your default currency. The module will automatically perform currency conversion when necessary.

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