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Back   Posted on 21 june 2019 / Updated on 19 february 2020
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WHMCS doesn't offer a simple way to find transactions. Customer need to download PDF files and look at Transactions section. Similarly it's not possible for them to review credit use. Billing Extension solves both problems adding a new page from which customers can review transactions and credit use.


In case any Invoice Suppression is in use, this page provides additional details for each suppressed invoice. Each transaction can be expanded on click. This will show a sort of preview of what's inside PDF files. Lastly don't forget that there's an option automatically adds the URL to this page to clientarea navbar.

Credit Balance Sidebar

Almost every WHMCS has a sidebar that shows credit balance to logged customers. Showing credit balance is pretty simple job but Billing Extension is a step ahead and adds a feature that your customers will surely love. Let's see what happens when you enable Low Credit Notification.

The sidebar expands to show an additional section. Let us explain this with an example. Let's suppose that a customer wants to take a vacation for 30 days. Billing Extension can send him a notification via email when credit balance is not enough to cover renewal costs for the given number of days. Here's the email (it can be customized from Setup > Email Templates).

This check repeats every time an invoice is paid with credit (full or partial) still based on the same period which in our example is 30 days. Renewal costs are based on domains, products/services and addons that expire between current date and the given number of days.  In order not to annoy customers with unnecessary emails, we make sure that each customer receives a maximum of one "Low Credit Balance" notification per day.

Customer Retention

Increase customer loyalty and decrease turnover by managing cancellation requests involving both domains and products/services. Below you can see how it works.


Cancellation requests can be reviewed and managed from WHMCS administration giving you the opportunity to engage your customer and build trust by offering a better deal, discount etc.

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