LinkedIn Insight Tag

WHMCS Tracking

Starting from version 2.2.88, LinkedIn Insight Tag has been integrated in Billing Extension and is capable of tracking the following events:
  • Page View
  • Add To Cart
  • Purchase
You can start tracking LinkedIn campaigns in less then a minute. Begin by visiting Addons > Billing Extension > Settings and click the "+" icon to open Plugins page. Locate LinkedIn Insight Tag and activate it.

Once activated, go back to module's Settings and expand the newly added LinkedIn Insight Tag section to fill in the required fields. Partner ID is mandatory and can be retreived from Campaign Manager. As for events, you can freely decide what you want to track but we suggest you to track all the available events.

Once saved, Billing Extension will immediately start to send information to LinkedIn. Events usually have a delay of about 15 minutes therefore be patient and wait until they start popping up.