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Katamaze products are made to ease and automate many of WHMCS operations, providing new features that will give your system an extra edge.

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Aug 5 The new Commission Manager is out!

Commission Manager was first released in 2015 and today, after more than 10 months of development, module' refactoring has been completed!The new Commission Manager doesn't share anything with its predecessor. It includes Katamaze technology with SorTables, HereLang and MagicInput and has everything needed to build your affiliate network.Award comm... Read More »

Jan 25 Giro di boa

L'ultima release di Billing Extension 2.2.33 rappresenta un giro di boa per la fatturazione elettronica dove abbiamo condensato un gran numero di novità che non puoi assolutamente perdere. L'invito è pertanto quello di aggiornare il modulo al più presto. Invito che si estende anche a chi non utilizza BX per emettere fatture elettroniche.Tutta la... Read More »

Jan 1 La fatturazione elettronica è arrivata

Buon 2019 a tutti, senza troppi indugi andiamo però subito a parlare di quello che sta a tutti più a cuore ossia la fatturazione elettronica che ha fatto il suo esordio con il nuovo anno. Abbiamo già scritto molto sull'argomento pertanto in questa news cercheremo di essere didascalici. Se devi metterti ancora in regola ecco cosa ti occorre: A... Read More »

Dec 25 FAQ fatturazione elettronica

This news is not available in English language since it concerns companies based in Italy. If your company operates in another country this article doesn't apply to you. Il 1° gennaio si avvicina insieme all'obbligo di emissione di fatture elettroniche. In questa news vogliamo ricapitolare i passaggi più importanti rispondendo alle domande frequ... Read More »

Nov 21 Live Demo finally here!

Katamaze never stops! One of the most frequent requests from our new users is to try out our modules before buying.As you know, we do not provide trial licenses for security reasons. However, for some users who request it, we provide access to one of our demo environments. This way we give the possibility to test the features of our softwares in a... Read More »


Aug 20 How to integrate WHMCS and WordPress

This is probably one of the most asked question that involves WHMCS. WHMCS and WordPress are specular one to the other (Joomla and Drupal are also popular alternatives) therefore using both system together could seem a good idea but it isn't.I'm a huge advocate for using WHMCS and I understand how powerful is WordPress for content creators but I st... Read More »

Oct 26 A mouse that bites

This is the story of the purchase of my new mouse for office. The kind of mouse that has been crafted by professional for comfort and productivity. Of course I spent a lot. Round 1: Scroll wheel won't scroll I paid 80 € to get the mouse of a very popular brand made with «Premium materials» (mostly plastic). It immediately started to show what... Read More »

Oct 10 Better GDPR pop-ups in 3 steps

I'm constantly being interrupted by pop-ups about GDPR and Cookie Law. I do care about my privacy, I read contracts, policies and think twice before selecting a checkbox.I myself have developed Cookie Bar and Online Contract in Billing Extension but enough is enough. Every time I visit a website I'm literally bombarded by gigantic pop-ups that cont... Read More »

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