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Jan 15 Billing Extension price adjustments

We will be conducting a price change for Billing Extension that will affect 9% of customers that are still paying the old price that years ago was increased from 95 to 149 euro / year. It was 2014 when we sold the first license key and since then we've never adjusted prices for existing customers. Over the years Billing Extension has never stopped... Read More »

Dec 2 Australian Taxation System for WHMCS

Last week we launched a new integration between Billing Extension and Commission Manager. Now you can seamlessly issue Credit Notes in line with Australian Taxation System. The integration includes ABN Lookup and supports RCTI, Statement by Supplier and 47% Withholding. Billing Extension, in short It includes our billing experience acquired throu... Read More »

Aug 5 The new Commission Manager is out!

Commission Manager was first released in 2015 and today, after more than 10 months of development, module' refactoring has been completed!The new Commission Manager doesn't share anything with its predecessor. It includes Katamaze technology with SorTables, HereLang and MagicInput and has everything needed to build your affiliate network.Award comm... Read More »

Jan 25 Giro di boa

This news is not available in English since it concerns companies based in Italy. If your company operates in another country this article doesn't apply to you. L'ultima release di Billing Extension 2.2.33 rappresenta un giro di boa per la fatturazione elettronica dove abbiamo condensato un gran numero di novità che non puoi assolutamente perdere... Read More »

Jan 1 La fatturazione elettronica è arrivata

This news is not available in English since it concerns companies based in Italy. If your company operates in another country this article doesn't apply to you. Buon 2019 a tutti, senza troppi indugi andiamo però subito a parlare di quello che sta a tutti più a cuore ossia la fatturazione elettronica che ha fatto il suo esordio con il nuovo anno... Read More »


Dec 12 Send Email and Add Reply when ticket status on WHMCS changes

WHMCS doesn't send any notification when the status of a ticket changes but let's see how we can tweak this process. The provided action hook fulfill this purpose by automatically sending an email notification to customer via API and by adding a reply to the ticket still via API.Guide customers through the resolving process letting them track the p... Read More »

Dec 2 Assign Client to Group based on Product/Service

The following action hook lets you automatically assign a Customer to a specific Client Group based on the Product/Service he has just purchased. The script triggers as soon as you the order is accepted on WHMCS both manually and automatically. Read comments to adapt the script to your needs. <? /** * Assign Client to Group based on purcha... Read More »

Oct 23 What is WHMCS? Infographic

In this wonderful infographic, we explain what is WHMCS even to who is unaware of web hosting. Maybe our relatives will finally understand what we work on all day long.

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