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Jun 24 MUST Read Before Launching a WHMCS Site

I started to use WHMCS in 2008. As I look back and look at the situation today, I know that something isn't quite right. I recall WHMCS as an old-school and durable washing machine. The model we have now is better but has bugs and "features" that do more harm than good. I don't want to be misunderstood. I still think that WHMCS is the best softw... Read More »

Jun 18 WHMCS Anti-Fraud • Fraud Detection and Prevention

Unauthorized Transactions You've started your business using WHMCS going through difficulties of starting hosting company. Payments keep flowing till one day you start getting fraudulent orders. What to do now? How can you handle them? Distinguish between fake orders and real ones sometimes is difficult. Things get complicated when real persons p... Read More »

May 29 How to Start a Hosting Company in 2020

Reasons you should start a hosting business People start a hosting business for many reasons. Web agencies, developers and IT professionals all need to manage websites for customers. This includes entrepreneurs interested in jumping into this market. Whatever your reasons are, you face many questions. In this article we try to help clearning doub... Read More »

May 25 Integrating WHMCS with Your Website

WHMCS Bridge WHMCS is the leading web hosting manager. It covers all aspects of running a hosting business but for the rest is too basic. For example the built-in news and knowledge base seem to come from the 90's. There's no room for Search Engine Optimization and a blogging platform. It also misses recent technologies like Open Graph Protocol an... Read More »

May 18 WHMCS SEO Module • The Definitive Guide

Myths and Facts about SEO in WHMCS There are many wrongful convictions in WHMCS community around Search Engine Optimization. Before talking about SEO in WHMCS, it is good to focus on facts and debunk myths.Plenty of modules promise improvements in search rankings with so-called SEO enhancements. In reality they provide poor results or use technolo... Read More »


Jan 15 Billing Extension price adjustments

We will be conducting a price change for Billing Extension that will affect 9% of customers that are still paying the old price that years ago was increased from 95 to 149 euro / year. It was 2014 when we sold the first license key and since then we've never adjusted prices for existing customers. Over the years Billing Extension has never stopped... Read More »

Dec 2 Australian Taxation System for WHMCS

Last week we launched a new integration between Billing Extension and Commission Manager. Now you can seamlessly issue Credit Notes in line with Australian Taxation System. The integration includes ABN Lookup and supports RCTI, Statement by Supplier and 47% Withholding. Billing Extension, in short It includes our billing experience acquired throu... Read More »

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