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May 29 Starting a Domain and Hosting company in 2020

Who is it for? Perhaps you are a web agency, a developer or an IT professional whose role is to manage sites for customers or maybe you want to start your small hosting business. In both cases you may be faced with many questions, but very few answers. In this article we try to help clearning doubts. Keep in mind there isn't a complete step-by-st... Read More »

May 25 Integrating WHMCS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Bridges and Integrations WHMCS is great at running a business in the IT industry but for the rest is too basic (what is WHMCS). For example the built-in news and knowledge base seem to come from the 90's. There's no room for Search Engine Optimization and technologies like Open Graph Protocol and Structured Data. On the other hand a CMS like Word... Read More »

May 18 WHMCS SEO: Ways to Improve your Site Ranking in 2020

Myths and Facts about SEO in WHMCS First things first, we need to focus on facts and debunk some myths about SEO that unfortunately are still very popular in WHMCS community. Here we are dealing with one of the most common mistakes to avoid in WHMCS. There are plenty of modules out there that promise improvements on search engines with so-called ... Read More »

May 11 The most common WHMCS mistakes to avoid

No budget? No Excuse When creating a WHMCS site, everyone make mistakes. Each mistake is a learning opportunity but just don't fail too much. WHMCS is not CMS like Joomla but a platform connected to servers, payment gateways, domains and thousands of customers' services. There's little room for mistakes when providing services is your job. That's... Read More »

May 4 What is WHMCS and When to use it? Explained for Beginners

WHMCS in a nutshell It's much easier to understand WHMCS making a parallelism with a popular CMS like WordPress. Of the many free CMS, WordPress is the best solution to start a blog. Similarly WHMCS is the way to go for hosting providers, web agencies and IT professionals. They are the undisputed market leaders in their respective field with Word... Read More »


Jan 15 Billing Extension price adjustments

We will be conducting a price change for Billing Extension that will affect 9% of customers that are still paying the old price that years ago was increased from 95 to 149 euro / year. It was 2014 when we sold the first license key and since then we've never adjusted prices for existing customers. Over the years Billing Extension has never stopped... Read More »

Dec 2 Australian Taxation System for WHMCS

Last week we launched a new integration between Billing Extension and Commission Manager. Now you can seamlessly issue Credit Notes in line with Australian Taxation System. The integration includes ABN Lookup and supports RCTI, Statement by Supplier and 47% Withholding. Billing Extension, in short It includes our billing experience acquired throu... Read More »

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