Changelog Latest release in 12 days


This release contains a "quality of life" change. We removed a feature to give you more control over Billing Extension behaviour.

Improved 1
  • Redirection after invoice suppression for WHMCS 7.4+
Deprecated 1
  • Part of "Cancelled Invoices" feature has been removed


In WHMCS 7.2+ the development team made an important change that affects the way Billing Extension works.

Simplified Invoicing, Toggle Invoicing and Manual Invoicing require the module to remove proformas from the system as soon as they become paid. This way Billing Extension can create invoices at a later stage helping you to reduce the number of generated invoices.

When an Administrator adds a payment to a proforma from WHMCS back-end now there's an "Oops!" error stating that the invoice ID does not exist. This happens because in version 7.2+ this event has been elevated "Fatal error". In this release we addressed this issue to finally show an info box instead of a forceful fatal error.

Improved 1
  • Proforma suppression: graceful exit instead of fatal error


We updated some parts of the module to ensure compatibility with newer PHP versions 7.1 and 7.2.

Improved 2
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.1 and 7.2
  • Compatible with ionCube 10

With this release we are going to temporarily suspend the development of the module. We are planning a refactor of Billing Extension from scratch.

New 4
  • Better handling of overpayments
  • The overpayment is always billed on the same invoice
  • Subsequent overpayments are billed on new invoices
  • Custom reporting tool to export invoice data on spreadsheets
Improved 1
  • A large portion of the code has been improved significantly
Changed 1
  • The system that handles payments with credit balance has been entirely rewritten
Deprecated 2
  • Mode 1 and Mode 2 for overpayments no longer exist
  • Removed many unnecessary functions and action hooks
Fixed 1
  • 3 small fixes: unwanted redirect, fatal error, misspelled variable name

This is the penultimate release before the complete refactoring of the module. In preparation of this decision in this release we improved many aspects of the module and added essential features.

New 6
  • Proforma number can be preserved on invoice
  • Proforma number can be saved and displayed directly on the invoice
  • Button to convert a Proforma into an Invoice in one click
  • New Transactions page perfectly integrated with clientarea
  • Option to automatically add a child-menu in your toolbar linking to Transactions page
  • Force Tos: updated and renamed to Policy Updates
Improved 1
  • Lot of code improvements
Deprecated 1
  • The old Transactions and TOS pages are no longer in use

Developer notes

The following files can be removed:

  • {WHMCS_ROOT}/transactions.php
  • {WHMCS_ROOT}/tos.php
  • {WHMCS_ROOT}/templates/{YOUR_TEMPLATE}/transactions.tpl
  • {WHMCS_ROOT}/templates/{YOUR_TEMPLATE}/tos.tpl

Settings page was becoming messy. There were too many options and features in various places therefore in this release we focused on merging all the settings of the module in one place and in a better looking interface.

New 6
  • New Settings page where we grouped all options of the module
  • Settings have been split in 7 different categories
  • The module checks and fixes settings conflicts
  • Settings now have comprehensive and detailed descriptions
  • When the module removes an invoice the client is redirected to a fully customizable Thank you page
  • New option to leave or remove 100% discount invoices
Improved 1
  • Improved Italian and English translations and removed a lot of unused variables
Changed 1
  • MOSS page has been renamed as Reports
Deprecated 2
  • Invoice Date January 1. This options has been removed since it was pretty much useless
  • The option to disable/enable MOSS page (now named Reports) has been removed

We added a great feature that allows you to syncronize the sequantial number of invoices across multiple installations of WHMCS.

Let's suppose that you have two installations of WHMCS (A and B). When a customer pays an invoice on A the module will increase the sequantial number by 1 also on B and vice versa.

New 5
  • Invoice Sync: synchronize the sequential number of invoices on multiple WHMCS
  • Invoice Sync works thanks to a webservice created for this purpose
  • The webservice supports http/https connections and also self-signed certificates
  • Invoice Sync automatically tests the connection between all your systems
  • If synchronization fails for some reason, the module notifies you creating a To-do item in WHMCS
Improved 2
  • Multi-Brand / Stores page redesigned from scratch
  • Small improvements to Toggle Invoicing page
Changed 1
  • Multi-Brand page renamed as Stores

In this release we expanded Toggle Invoicing to include a mailer system. Customers can provide you their SMTP credentials that the module will use to send email notifications on their behalf.

Consolidated Renewal Reminders will be 100% white label which is ideal for Web Agencies and Resellers. Their customers in fact will receive reminders from your WHMCS but not from your email address.

New 3
  • Toggle Invoicing: clients can provide you their SMTP credentials used to send 100% white label emails to their sub-accounts
  • Consolidated Renewal Reminders (white label) also for sub-accounts. Multilanguage support
  • Access to Toggle Invoicing can be granted of denied to specific clients
Improved 3
  • Consolidated Renewal Reminder Email Template includes more information
  • Service Level Agreement: holidays for Poland, Spain, France and Italy updated
  • Database structure
Changed 1
  • Updated tax names for some countries

Developer notes

Run or import this query from PHPMyAdmin to your WHMCS database.

In addition to Level 1 and Level 2 taxes you can now handle Level 3 taxes for products/services. We've also improved the integration process.

New 4
  • Support for Level 3 taxes based on Products/Services and/or Groups of products
  • Level 3 taxes are visible on invoice and fully customizable
  • If you are still using WHMCS v5 can now enjoy Bootstrap 3 on Billing Extension
  • Added support for Code Prettify by Google
Improved 3
  • Tax Rules and Integration pages redesigned from scratch
  • Integration process has been simplified
  • CSS, template files, scripts and translations improved

Developer notes

Run this query from PHPMyAdmin to your WHMCS database:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mod_bxtax` (`id` int(11) NOT NULL, `refid` int(11) NOT NULL, `refid2` int(11) NOT NULL, `type` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL, `rate` decimal(5,2) NOT NULL, `name` text CHARACTER SET utf8) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;