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2.2.63 improves Duplicated Invoices and Invoice Number Gaps checks that had been introduced 9 months ago with version 2.0.0. We've also improved the interaction with Digiting WebService (Italian Electronic Invoicing) that now runs faster.

Improved 3
  • Warnings for Duplicated Invoices. The check is performed on Invoices issued in current year. This will remove false-warnings from your system
  • Warnings for Invoice Number Gaps. If Reset Invoice Numbers is enabled BX skips the check for the first invoice of the year
  • Electronic invoicing with Digiting. WebService check completes faster


With this release we bring you 3 long-awaited features that you cannot miss.

One. As we anticipated on Lab, Electronic Invoicing is spreading around the world and is quickly becoming mandatory in many countries. Billing Extension already integrates Italian E-Invoicing. Even though we would like to integrate all countries, this is prohibitive.

E-Invoicing differs enormously from country to country due to regulations and technological aspects. Let us put it into perspective. It took 4 months to complete the integration with Italy. We simply cannot repeat the same process tens of times. It would take years.

Instead of leaving non-Italian customers alone dealing with electronic invoicing, we came up with the idea of including a plugin in Billing Extension that provides all data you might need to integrate WHMCS with E-Invoicing of any country.

The plugin can also be used for different purposes. For example you could use it to integrate WHMCS with your accounting software or intranet. For more details read documentation.

Two. We created the new Clients page (preview) from which you can view customers and filter them using 23 filters. Moreover the page supports multiple massive actions.

Three. OneInvoice and OnePayment Invoicing Modes finally can be activated on speific clients as we described here.

New 5
  • New plugin: WebService for integrations with electronic invoicing of any country, accounting software and intranet
  • OneInvoice and OnePayment can be enabled on specific customers
  • New page to view/filter Clients: 23 columns, 23 filters and 26 parameters
  • Clients page. Supported massive actions: Send Email, Default Billing, Enable OneInvoice, Enable OnePayment
  • Clients page. Send newsletters and login as client directly from table view
Improved 5
  • Installer no longer triggers a forceful error when it detects Invoices without any Invoice Number specified
  • Small improvements to the Installer so that it is more permissive when it comes to minor errors
  • Small improvements to Friendly Date formatter
  • Massive Actions: the button to submit any action becomes clickable only if at least one record has been selected
  • Electronic Invoicing. Digiting WebService completes all operations faster
Fixed 1
  • Electronic Invoicing with MOSS enabled was causing incorrect calculations in the XML for Italian customers


New filtering options and features for Electronic Invoicing and also minor improvements.

New 3
  • Electronic Invoicing. From now on Invoice Snapshots will include Business Type and Split Payment
  • Invoices page. New column to view/filter Business Type (Individual, Professional, Company, Organization, Public Administration)
  • Invoices page. New column to view/filter by Split Payment
Improved 3
  • Correct Date Paid for Overpayments occurring on Systems with Proforma Disabled
  • Payments page. When you delete a payment the module performs the action in a more correct manner
  • CSS and js scripts included unnecessarily on some pages


Overpayments on system with Proforma Disabled now produce the following outcome:

  • The overpaid Invoice is marked as Paid with a balance equal to zero
  • The overpayment is added to a newly created Invoice
  • The transaction is "split" on both document
  • Credit Balance is applied correctly including taxes
We also updated the WebService that synchronizes Invoices' status for electronic invoicing with Digiting.

Improved 2
  • Electronic Invoicing. The WebService that interacts with Digiting has been updated to overcome a potential issue Invoices' status synchronization
  • Transactions page (Clientarea). We splitted $invoicenum Smarty variable in $doctype (Proforma, Invoice, Credit Note) and $number (Profroma ID, Invoice/Credit Note Numbers) so that you can customize this page more easily
Fixed 1
  • Overpayments on systems with Proforma Disabled were not treated correctly


If you're using the Anti-Fraud we introduced in version 2.2.56, you cannot miss this release. We don't want to annoy you with complex details so just keep in mind that we made changes that let you avoid several manual interventions.

Improved 3
  • When issuing invoices previously suppressed by Anti-Fraud the module re-checks the invoice to apply your Billing Preferences
  • The No Restriction mode of Electronic Invoicing can be turned off from menu
  • Updated Tax Rate for Romania and a new one for Monaco


With this release we have successfully solved a long standing issue that some of you were having with automated tasks of Billing Extension. We won't describe details since they're very difficult to explain. Let's just say that if you were having problems with:

  • Automatic generation of XML files for electronic invoicing
  • Automated VIES checks
  • OneInvoice not issuing invoices the first day of the month
Such problems have been solved. We've also fixed some issues with OnePayment.

Improved 1
  • Daily Taks of Billing Extension now run properly even on system using very particular settings
Fixed 1
  • Few issues with OnePayment


We encourage everyone to update now if the following configuration is in use:

  • Electronic Invoicing
  • VAT MOSS enabled
  • Tax Type Inclusive
The same recommendation also applies if the Anti-Fraud we introduced in the previous release is used in conjunction with any of the following features:
  • Billing Preferences > Invoice Suppression (any value)
  • Billing Preferences > Invoicing Mode > OneInvoice

Improved 2
  • Anti-Fraud considers customers as New when they still haven't a paid invoice in their accounts
  • Suppressed Invoice page by OneInvoice. Next invoice date is now more accurate
Fixed 2
  • Electronic invoicing & VAT MOSS with Inclusive Taxes. The module was producing incorrect numbers in XML files
  • The Anti-Fraud introduced in previous release was preventing OneInvoice from working as expected

We add a new core feature that can help you handling fraudolent orders. More in particular it lets you postpone the issue of invoices for new customers (ones with no invoices issued on their accounts) so that you can manually review them later on. Read documentation for more details.

New 3
  • Anti-Fraud for new customers. Automatically postpone the issue of invoices so that payments can be verified manually
  • Postponed invoices can be issued in one click from Billing page when and if you want to
  • Billing page. It is now possible to Detach (remove) pending invoices
Improved 1
  • Electronic Invoicing for VAT MOSS regime now produces more correct XML files


New feature for Italian customers that use electronic invoicing with VAT MOSS regime. Billing Extension already handles this process but we do understand that this particular scenario is a bit complicated to configure. In this release we add a simple toggle that lets you enable or disable MOSS in line with electronic invoicing.

New 1
  • Option to enable/disable VAT MOSS regime in line with electronic invoicing of Italy
Improved 1
  • E-invoicing Scan Now performs additional checks for customers that are using Digiting
Changed 1
  • The function Scan FTP Node has been renamed to Scan Now
Deprecated 1
  • E-invoicing toward the Public Administration will always be headed to Company Name. We remove an exception that was allowing Firstname and Lastname to be used in place of Company Name


This release contains a fallback to handle a particular scenario occurring with OnePayment. If you use this Billing method we encourage you to update the module.

Improved 2
  • Fallback for OnePayment
  • Small corrections to english language file

A long-awaited feature is finally being added. You can receive an email notification everytime there's an update available for Billing Extension. You can specify who receives it. Keep in mind that the email will be sent directly by your own WHMCS. This new feature can be configured from Utilities section.

As for electronic invoicing the module now logs when customers update their business type. This way you can monitor changes to billing details.

New 3
  • The module logs when customers update their business type
  • Email notification when a new version of Billing Extension is available
  • Transactions page (clientarea). Customers can now expand rows to view invoice items on the fly
Improved 2
  • Tweaks for EU regions with special tax regimes and Electronic Invoicing
  • Invoices page. Minor improvements to filters
Fixed 1
  • Add New Order as Administrator. Under particular circumstances OnePayment was giving a Fatal Error or an order with a suppressed Invoice

With this release we introduce a new mode for Electronic Invoicing that allows to perform actions that normally would be restricted. For example from now on you can delete XML files that have been already marked as sent to Revenue Agency. Please use it very carefully.

New 1
  • Unrestricted Mode to manage XML files without any restrictions from Invoices page
Improved 2
  • Fallback to handle Split Payment on systems with a particular Tax Rules configuration
  • Mass-Delete XML. The module silently detaches from database XML that have been already removed from FTP Node


The button dedicated to Electronic Invoicing (Invoices page) now has a sub-menu to bring you a new feature that automatically scans your FTP Node to look for XML files that could be in the wrong place.

New 1
  • Electronic Invoicing. New feature that scans FTP Node looking for XML files that are out of place
Improved 3
  • OneInvoice can't be enabled when Proformas are disabled and vice versa
  • Invoices page. New icon for the button dedicated to Electronic Invoicing
  • Backward compatibility for some tooltips showing information there were previously stored by Billing Extension v1

You can now see Invoice Notes on the fly from Invoices page by clicking a new icon that automatically appears next to documents that have a note. Similarly we're integrated the standard Invoice Preview of WHMCS in Billing Extension. By clicking Total you will be able to see a preview of items and amounts without leaving the page.

As for Electronic Invoicing we changed the value of IdFiscale for Extra-EU customers. It seems that Revenue Agency requires the value OO99999999999. We updated the module accordingly even though we can confirm you that basically any value is accepted. We don't get it but okay.

New 2
  • Invoices page. Invoice notes visible on mouse click
  • Invoices page. Preview of Invoice items & amounts clicking on Totals
Improved 1
  • Small improvements to the section that shows you if you are running an outdated version of module
Changed 2
  • CUP/CIG codes can be used also by customers that are not using BX to issue XML files
  • Extra-EU customers will have IdFiscale equal to OO99999999999 according to the new standard of Revenue Agency


Electronic Invoicing with FattureMyCloud integration. The status of a very small amount of XML files was "Unknown". This release will solve the issue with next cron job.

Improved 1
  • FattureMyCloud and Electronic Invoicing. Double-check for XML files with Unknown status
Changed 1
  • From now on CUP/CIG codes can be managed also for Proformas
Deprecated 1
  • Removed some js scripts that were no longer needed