Changelog Latest release 29 days ago

Fixed 1
  • Processing fee. Invoice description containing debug variables that weren't meant for official release
Fixed 1
  • Terminations page. Notes not saving due to a conflict with another modal
Fixed 1
  • Fixed some compatibility issues on PHP 8.1+
Fixed 1
  • Fatal error in Payments page when using search
Fixed 1
  • Due to a typo debug data was showing next to every dropdown
Fixed 1
  • Fatal error on PHP 8.1+ in Settings page
Fixed 1
  • Bug fixes (Fatal Errors on PHP 8.1+)


We changed how Tax Exempt and Italian Electronic Invoices interact with eachother.

When it comes to issuing invoices to Italian customers VAT is always due with the following exceptions:

  • Split Payment
  • Habitual Exporters

The module supports both scenarios but for Habitual Exporters it requires the letter of intent which is a document released by Revenue Agency attesting that they really are Habitual Exporters.

On paper this document is mandatory but we received several requests from clients willing to remove this requirements at their own risk.

That being said, from now on you can issue VAT-free electronic invoices (XML node Natura is set to 3.5) by simply enabling Tax Exempt on WHMCS.

New 1
  • Habitual exporters are no longer required to provide lettera di intento
Changed 1
  • Less restrictive requirements for VAT-free Italian electronic invoices


Some bug fixes.

Fixed 1
  • Bug fixes


The module has been deeply renewed to support PHP 8.1+ and the latest version of WHMCS.

You can now find a new download option named 7.4 & 8.1+.

If you experience errors or bugs please submit all details via ticket.

New 1
  • Support for PHP 8.1+ and the latest version of WHMCS
New 1
  • New field Visible Name in Billing Extension > Settings > Staff

We're starting a new series of improvements regarding your staff (eg. Full Administrators, Support Operators, Sales Operator).

Not only they can upload an avatar and provide additional contact details (eg. telephone number) but you can be assigned as Account Managers to specific customers.

When a customer has an Account Manager he can always find his/her relevant information in client area from the sidebar. Here there's a new section where customers can quickly find contacts to quickly get in touch with their Account Managers.

Domain Repricing

Domain repricing updates domain pricing based on Registrars' price list. It can be set update prices for new registrations, transfers and renewals and/or recurring amount for existing domains.

This feature comes in the form of an optional plugin of Billing Extension. At the moment of writing this, it works with Internetbs and Namecheap.

No worries if you have multiple currencies. The system automatically handles currency conversions. All you have to do is define your markup (profit calculated above costs) as percentage, fixed amount or both.

Repricing sticks to your current settings and doesn't do anything in contrast with them. For example if you're not offering "2 years" renewal period for .IT domain, you'll keep this setting.

If you don't like complex numbers, you can also design custom roundings (eg. round to nearest 0.50 cent). You can also enable a feature that automatically cancel existing PayPal Subscriptions whenever the price of a domain varies.

Last but not least, you can set exclusions. You can choose what TLDs, domain names and customers must stay with current prices.

Processing Fees

Next we have the "infamous" feature to charge transaction fees to customers on invoices.

In some countries you are not allowed to charge additional costs depending on payment method. Moreover some payment gateways forbid this practice so use it at your own risk.

Let's say you have a payment gateway that charges you 2.2% plus 0.35 for every transaction (multi-currency is supported). First thing first enable Processing Fees plugin then simply insert the above values and save.

Billing Extension automatically recalculates invoice amount depending on payment method in use.

Don't be fooled into thinking that calculation is easy. We can't simply increase invoice amount by 2.2% plus 0.35 since the resulting increase will also increase fees even further.

The formula behind this calculation is very complex and boring to explain so let's simply jump to conclusion.

There's an invoice with a total due of 100 euro. Billing Extension increases this amount in a way that grants you a net income of 100. Not a cent more, not a cent less.

Aruba Electronic Invoicing

We completed the integration with Aruba "Fatturazione elettronica" for italian electronic invoicing but don't waste your time trying to locate it since we had been forced "pause" this feature.

Let's start from the beginning. We have successfully integrated Billing Extension with Aruba. As you can imagine the integration relies on API.

Few weeks ago we discovered that Aruba binds the use of their API to Premium users which means one of two things:

  • YOU have to pay 600 € / year plus 300 € setup fee (VAT excluded) OR...
  • WE have to become Aruba reseller paying the same amount plus 15 € for every of our customers. In order to cover costs we would have to charge you higher amounts

In all fairness, we don't know how to continue since we don't know how many of you use Aruba to transmit invoices. Let us now here so that we can decide what to do.

New 3
  • Domain Repricing. Automatically update domain selling prices and recurring amounts when Registrar increases or decreases costs. Supported Registrars: Internetbs, Namecheap
  • Charge payment gateway fees to specific customers
  • Integration with Italian Electronic Invoicing powered by Aruba. The integration is SUSPENDED at the moment. Read release note for details
Improved 2
  • PayPal Subscription Details (clientarea) > Next Payment date replaced by status for Suspened and Cancelled subscriptions
  • Fine tunings to domain and product cancellation requests
Changed 1
  • Clearing unused directories (used by File Uploader) no longer adds unnecessary entries in WHMCS Activity Log
Fixed 2
  • Missing file
  • Fatal error when requesting Domain Termination with Reason set to Other


This release has never been made available for download. We used it with a limited number of BETA testers in preparation of upcoming releases.

New 1
  • BETA release not suitable for use in production
Fixed 1
  • Fatal error during cron job