Changelog Latest release 29 days ago


Small improvements to the system that handles changes in your terms and conditions.

New 2
  • Change of terms and conditions. The system now stores IP address of end-users when he/she accepts changes
  • Client Summary shows details about contract acceptance
Improved 1
  • Invoice Status Fixer was saving too many unnecessary entries in Activity Log
Fixed 1
  • Faulty query causing fatal error during cron preventing BX from completing some automations. The error was not affecting all systems but just customers with a specific features of BX enabled


With this release we address a potential fatal error involving missing table bx_paypalsubscriptions.

Fixed 1
  • Fatal error. Missing bx_paypalsubscriptions table


On some systems due to changes in recent versions of WHMCS v8 Admin template, some sections of BX were not showing up in Invoice View namely:

  • Fattura Elettronica
  • Esito
  • VIES

This release solves the problem maintaining backwards compatibility with WHMCS v5, v6 and v7.

Improved 1
  • Invoice View not displaying Fattura Elettronica section (edit, generate, download etc. buttons). Same goes for Esito and VIES sections


TL;DR - This is a "fake" release we made to let you obtain the latest advertised version of BX that was not uploaded to our website due to an error.

It has been brought to our attention that version 2.2.164 released last week was an exact copy of 2.2.163.

For some reason, ionCube failed to send Zip files on our website for download.

In other words, instead of downloading 2.2.164, the website was still giving you the previous version that you were probably already running.

We push out this new version just to let you get the right release. In this context, this version is just an exact copy of the real 2.2.164.

Downloading this version will also solve the problem of BX telling you are still running an older version.

Thanks for understanding. We apologize for the inconvenience.

New API integration with PayPal that stops WHMCS from creating duplicate subscription and overpayments.

We know this feature is part of WHMCS since v7.9 but our implementation works better and has more features.

For people that are still running older versions of WHMCS this release is a must-have.

New 5
  • PayPal API Integration
  • Prevent duplicate PayPal subscription and overpayments
  • Inform customers about existing PayPal subscriptions in the following pages: My Domains, My Products/Services, Domain Details, Product/Service Details
  • Daily scheduled validation of all existing PayPal subscriptions
  • Additional check performed every time viewinvoice.php opens
Fixed 1
  • Fatal error in clientsinvoices.php when searching by invoice number


This release incorporates Invoice Status Fixer that automatically detects and correct invoices that failed to be marked paid.

New 5
  • Invoice Status Fixer. Detect and correct invoices that WHMCS failed to mark as paid
  • Italian electronic invoicing > Profilation Log. Customizable Auto-prune settings
  • Clientarea > Profilation (Italian electronic invoicing). New field (optional) to allow customers to customize Causale field in the XML
  • New feature in Billing Extension > Setting > Italian Electronic Invoicing > Causale Personalizzata
  • Billing Extension > Clients. New colum available (Causale) for Italian electronic invoicing
Fixed 1
  • Billing Extension > Clients. Sorting by XML Creation column causing fatal error
Improved 1
  • Warnings > Invoice Number Gaps. The module no longer checks for Draft and Cancelled invoices and credit notes to avoid false alarm
New 1
  • Terminations. The system now forces end-users to provide a Reason for Cancellation that make sense. Users can no longer avoid leaving the feedback by sending repeating charachers (eg. aaaa, bbbbb, multiple spaces, dashes etc.)
Improved 2
  • Terminations > Domains (client area). For some strange reason the modal was closing as soon as EPP Codes were visible
  • Terminations (admin area). As you know selecting Other as Reason for Cancellation shows up a textarea from which users can write their feedback. Newlines were not reflecting in WHMCS backend
Fixed 1
  • Exporting records on Excel was not working due a debugging feature that wasn't supposed to go live in an official release
Improved 1
  • Fine tuning in cashflow to avoid a potential error on systems with SQL Strict Mode enabled. That said, we stress the importance of disabling this mode since it is not supported by WHMCS. Having Strict Mode disabled is in fact a requirement of WHMCS
New 2
  • When you activate the module, a clean install is performed that repairs issues when you're blocked from completing the installation due to a previous unsuccessful attempt
  • Invoice Archiving. Run now button has been redesiged to force FTP upload and Email daily, weekly and monthly reports based on your specified Start Date
Changed 1
  • Italian electronic invoicing. Intra-EU operations between businesses with valid VAT Number and VIES. Natura changes from N7 to N2.1
Fixed 4
  • Setting missing after installation (Client Area > Low Credit Minimum Interval). This fix will also repair systems affected by the issue
  • Potential duplication of languages in WHMCS Email Templates caused by the installer. This fix will also repair systems affected by the issue
  • Invoice Archiving. Potential issue causing FTP upload to fail due to missing Email Recipients even if Email Sending was turned off
  • Potential Fatal Error during installation when Blind Copy (BCC Messages) is in use


Workaround for systems with max_input_vars set to 1000 causing Tax Rules page not to apply changes.

Fixed 1
  • Tax Rules page not saving changes on some systems


We refreshed Invoice Archiving plugin. In case you didn't know, this plugin allows to schedule the archiving of PDF files (invoices, credit notes and proforma) to an FTP node and/or send them as attachment to multiple recepients via email.

We added a new sending frequency (Daily) in addition to the existing ones (Weekly and Monthly). Moreover we did some fine tunings so that the system also work with CSRF Protection Token.

Before this release CSRF Protection Token was causing the plugin not to work as expected (Failed Logins). Read documentation for more details.

New 3
  • Invoice Archiving. New sending frequency: Daily
  • Invoice Archiving is now capable of working also with CSRF Protection Token in use
  • Support for Quotes Automation of Modulesgarden and Terms and Conditions
Improved 2
  • Invoice Archiving. Email Sending and FTP Archiving now work independently from each other
  • Invoice Archiving. Test FTP Connection shows up only if FTP Archiving is enabled
Changed 1
  • Online Contract renamed Terms and Conditions
Fixed 1
  • Settings page. Some buttons were not redirecting back to the correct accordion
New 2
  • Client Area > Low Credit Minimum Interval. Use it to set a minimum interval for Low Credit Notification
  • Low Credit Notification automatically ignores products/services, domains and addons with existing Subscription ID. This way customers don't receive warnings for items that will be renewed automatically
Changed 1
  • Client Area > Credit Balance renamed Credit Balance and Low Credit Notification