Changelog Latest release 3 days ago


This release is pretty much big. We managed to address some long-standing issues that have been reported during the last few weeks. We had to recreate big portions of some core features. Below you can find more details about issues we solved:

New 1
  • OneInvoice. Reference and link between suppressed invoices and their relative invoices
Improved 7
  • Integration Code has been hugely improved to handle more data sets and encodings on PDF and View Invoice
  • Invoice PDF. When Company Logo is set from BX, it automatically overrides the default one of WHMCS
  • The script that handles invoice suppression is now more accurate in providing details
  • Installer. Possible loop caused by an invalid value for General Settings > Invoices > Invoice # Incrementation
  • Major tweaks to OneInvoice to solve some potential issues
  • The module now logs more activities in the Activity Log of WHMCS
  • Billing Extensioin Widget. Backward compatibility for WHMCS\Carbon and Carbon\Carbon classes
Fixed 2
  • Invoice PDF and View Invoice. Custom fields based on Snapshots were not always shown properly
  • VIES Scheduled Checks. Activity Log wasn't logging user IDs

Developer notes

For the entire month of December we are going to invest our time in making Electronic Invocing for Italian companies more reliable to use. We received a lot of feedback and there are many small details that we need to look into.

For many people Electronic Invoicing is still a cryptic argument. In fact it is. That's why we wrote a detailed tutorial. Please read it before opening a ticket. This will help us to focus on constructive feedback and to deliver updates faster.


This is a perfective release with some improvements and a minor bug fix.

New 1
  • Electronic Invoicing panel on Invoice View. New style and feature that doesn't let you generate XML files for old invoices
Improved 3
  • Electronic Invoicing. More accurate "pre flight checks" when generating XML files
  • VIES panel on Invoice View no longer shows up on Proformas to avoid any possibility of confusion
  • VIES panel on Invoice View is now more comprehensive and looks better
Fixed 1
  • Invoice View. Missing argument causing the "Generate Now" button to fail in creating XML file for Electronic Invoicing

We are glad to annonce that we've finally completed Invoice Sync that allows to share Invoice Numbering and Credit Note Numbering across multiple installations of WHMCS. Click here to see a preview of the new settings. For more details, read the documentation.

New 3
  • Invoice Sync. Share Invoice Numbers on multiple WHMCS
  • Invoice Sync works with Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Warning System detects and reports issues occurred during the process of synchronization


We developed a Widget from which you can monitor existing Warnings and suppressed invoices.

New 2
  • Widget to monitor Warnings and Suppressed Invoices
  • Notices for suppressed invoices can be dismissed in one click


We've added a new auto-tag {ID} for proformas and updated documentation accordingly. Moreover we added a some interesting features to ease Fatturazione Elettronica.

New 3
  • Fatturazione Elettronica. New option to turn on/off automatic creation of XML with daily Cron of WHMCS
  • Fatturazione Elettronica. New option to set a date starting from which invoices will be processed into XML files. The date is based on Invoice Date.
  • New auto-tag {ID} for proformas
Improved 1
  • Fatturazione Elettronica. Improved queries used to collect data from database
Changed 1
  • Fatturazione Elettronica. Some options have been rearranged in Settings page


This release contains a lot of refinements, new features and some bug-fixes.

New 6
  • Electronic Invoicing. Turn on/off formatted XML to save up to 30% disk space
  • Electronic Invoicing. Dedicated field for italian ID Code etc.
  • Electronic Invoicing. The WebService now also returns Invoicing errors and "raw" data
  • Electronic Invoicing. The module is capable of detecting even more errors
  • A new feature makes sure that invoice date for Invoices and Credit Notes can't be inadvertently updated
  • Snapshots. All Customfields can be edited including ones not originally included in the Snapshot
Improved 5
  • Plugin "Fatturazione Elettronica" not installing on MySQL servers with "innodb_large_prefix" enabled
  • Invoice View. The "Enable Edit" mode for Invoices and Credit Notes triggers more accurately
  • Electronic Invoicing. Additional arguments in the XML schema
  • Small improvements to HereLang and Italian translations
  • Payments page (Admin). Filter by Reference was not working as expected
Changed 1
  • Default sort order of Invoices table
Fixed 2
  • For a number of reasons VIES Check wasn't always working from Invoice View
  • HereLang. Ukranian and Iran flags not showing because of a typo


In this release we made big improvements to ease the installation of the module. We have totally renewed the system that preserves your settings and customizations defined in WHMCS and EU VAT Addon including the importation of complex Snapshots.

New 1
  • New feature that allows to "Force Import" of Snapshots
Improved 5
  • Importing Snapshot. The functionality has been totally renewed
  • Improved the interaction with EU VAT Addon during installation to preserve all your customizations
  • Big improvements for systems that are not using proformas involving sequential numbering, document type, dates and snapshot
  • False negative error occurring on View Order page
  • Small tweaks to Installer code


In this release we make possible to define custom MySQL ports to connect the module to your database.

Improved 1
  • The module now supports servers with custom MySQL ports

In this release we fix 2 bugs involving VIES exception for Greece and Charset causing issue in Invoices and Tax Rules pages of Billing Extension.

We've also beautified the look of Electronic Invoicing in Invoice View. Open the gallery to see the differences.

New 1
  • Automatic correction of tbltax charset to support UTF8 tax names
Improved 1
  • Plugin Fatturazione Elettronica. When the plugin is deactivated the column "FatturaPA" is removed from SorTables
Fixed 2
  • VIES. Exception for Greece using GR country code instead of EL
  • Charset problem in Invoices and Tax Rules pages


This version doesn't change anything that you can notice from interface but we did a lot of improvements to our Elecronic Invoicing WebService.

Improved 1
  • Lot of improvements to our WebService for Electronic Invoicing

In this release we're finally making possible to install our plugin for Electronic Invoicing (Italy). To ease the switch to our solution, we wrote an article in our documentation where we describe all details.

Let us know your thoughts and feel free to share with us information you think are important by adding a comment here.

We have also added 2 new features that has been described in our Lab: VIES notification & automatic checks.

New 8
  • VIES notifications when Tax Exempt status change for customers
  • VIES notifications can be turned on/off for specific Admin Roles
  • The frequency of VIES Scheduled Checks can be customized
  • FTP node for Electronic Invoicing (Italy)
  • Webservice for Electronic Invoicing (Italy)
  • Electronic Invoicing (Italy). From Invoice View it's possible to generate, download, delete XML Invoices and view batchs
  • Implemented over 70 checks to validate Electronic Invoicing (Italy) data plus a reporting tool
  • MagicInput. Implemented password field type with automatic encryption
Improved 1
  • Automatic Upgrades. An internal funcion has been redesigned from scratch
Deprecated 1
  • Removed some deprecated files
Fixed 1
  • Billing page. Livesearch causing "Generate Invoice" fail

In this release we add a new feature that has been requested by many of you. From now one you can create Credit Notes based Invoice Items! Let's see how it works.

First off use the existing checkboxes to select the items you want to refund with a credit note. Once done, expand the dropdown menu where you will find a new option named Generate Credit Note. As soon as you click it Billing Extension issues the credit note for the items you've just selected and redirects you to the newly created credit note.

Both invoice and credit note will be linked so that you can quickly review all the things involved in the process. The module informs you about all the documents involved and lets you open them on new pages.

To help you understanding how to issue credit notes, we published a new article in our documentation that we encourage you to read: Issuing Credit Notes.

New 2
  • Issue Credit Notes based on Invoice Items
  • Security check that makes sure that it's not possible to issue multiple credit notes for the same invoice items


To intrinsically improve the security of our modules, in this realease we are making sure that no one can use Directory Browsing to explore the structure of our files. We used the same approach used by WHMCS. You can find more details in Inhibition of Directory Browsing in our Lab.

New 2
  • To improve security Directory Browsing is no longer available in Billing Extension
  • Snapshot. The module stores also empty Custom Fields so that it is possible to fill them at a later stage
Fixed 1
  • Settings were not properly displayed under certain conditions


Corrective release where we fix some errors occurring on newer versions of MySQL. Small improvements to Installer.

Improved 1
  • Small improvements to Installer
Fixed 1
  • Some queries causing errors on newer versions of MySQL


In this release there's an important change even though it's not visible. We changed and improved the way our File Uploader stores information on your system. Click here for more details.

Besides this, we've also fixed and improved some other aspects of the module.

New 1
  • Automatic conversion and removal of settings.php files from all galleries
Improved 2
  • Online Contract. More efficient checks
  • Improved the structure of some MySQL tables
Changed 1
  • File Uploader now uses .conf files instead of .php to save the configuration of each gallery
Fixed 2
  • Settings > VIES. When updating values the module was opening the wrong collapse menu
  • Tax Rules. MySQL query general error