Changelog Latest release 2 months ago

New 1
  • The module notifies you when you are running an outdated version
Improved 2
  • Code structure has been drastically improved
  • Several minor and general improvements
New 1
  • Dedicated placeholder for Galley Widget (blog) when no image has been set as default
Improved 2
  • Improved support for MariaDB 10.2.19 or newer
  • Average ticket wait time. Added a fallback for systems that haven't processed any ticket yet


Minor bug fix and small improvements.

Improved 2
  • More accurate information in Demo page (backend)
  • 3 queries not executing correctly on MariaDB 10.2
Fixed 1
  • Export Demo data on spreadsheet. Missing Client Name

This is a major release where we introduce you a new concept. From now on you will be able to provide Live Demos to stimulate interest of potential customers in your products.

We also make possible to define custom MySQL ports to connect the module to your database.

New 4
  • Live demo module to provide product demonstrations to customers
  • Live demo. Front-end interface from which potential customers can request demos
  • Live demo. Back-end interface from which you can review feedback, track sales and conversion rates
  • New section in Settings page to allow you to customize the new Live demo module
Improved 2
  • The module now supports servers with custom MySQL ports
  • Settings page. Few improvements to Italian translations


This release contains a minor bug-fix and a small improvement.

Improved 1
  • Lab. Completed activities are highlighted so that it's easier to distinguish them from in-progress ones
Fixed 1
  • Changelog. Latest release date was including also unpublished releases


In this minor release we're just adding an input field that was missing in our MagicInput technology.

New 1
  • MagicInput. Implemented password field type with automatic encryption
Improved 1
  • Automatic Upgrades. An internal funcion has been redesigned from scratch


To intrinsically improve the security of our modules, we are making sure that no one can use Directory Browsing to explore the structure of our files. We used the same approach used by WHMCS. You can find more details in Inhibition of Directory Browsing in our Lab.

New 1
  • To improve security Directory Browsing is no longer available in Mercury


Corrective release where we fix some errors occurring on newer versions of MySQL.

Fixed 1
  • Some queries causing errors on newer versions of MySQL


In this release there's an important change even though it's not visible. We changed and improved the way our File Uploader stores information on your system. Click here for more details.

New 1
  • Automatic conversion and removal of settings.php files from all galleries
Changed 1
  • File Uploader now uses .conf files instead of .php to save the configuration of each gallery


After more than 3 years we've changed the way we deliver updates for the better. Learn more about this important change by clicking here.

We've also removed some unnecessary files (read notes below) and resolved a low-risk vulnerability in File Uploader.

New 1
  • The upgrade of the module no longer requires manual intervention to apply changes to database
Improved 1
  • Improved the code of File Uploader to cover a possible low-risk vulnerability
Changed 1
  • Removed a directory that was not supposed to be part of the official release

Developer notes

Make sure to remove modules/addons/Mercury/js/file-upload/server directory with all its contents.

The directory contains images that we uploaded just to test File Uploader even before Mercury was released.


With the introduction of Open Graph Protocol in the previous release, we're now making another step toward a better SEO with Sitemap generator.

Mercury allows to create contents for your WHMCS website. There are news, blog posts, lab entries and articles of documentation. With this release all these contents will be included in the sitemap.

For more information about this feature and its settings, please read the documentation.

New 4
  • Sitemap generator for news, blog posts, lab entries and articles of documentation
  • SystemURL overriding for sitemap. Ideal to use if your WHMCS is accessible from multiple domains/aliases
  • Add static URLs in the automatically generated sitemap
  • Mercury now stores last modified date for news, blog posts, lab entries and articles of documentation
Improved 1
  • Small improvements to Open Graph Protocol

Developer notes

Run or import this query from phpMyAdmin.

Most of the changes we made in this release are "invisible" but still relevant.

If you are familiar with social media marketing campaigns, you have probably heard about the Open Graph Protocol and OG tags. For detailed information about OG tags read the official guide written by Facebook.

We updated Mercury to support Open Graph Protocol so that all your news and blog posts are now fully compatible with this technology.

Moreover we've also implemented Language Overrides so that you can translate Mercury language files like you are already doing for WHMCS.

New 2
  • Open Graph Protocol support
  • Module's Language files overrides. Customize translations in the same way you do for WHMCS
Improved 1
  • Canonical URL in head are now absolute


We improved several aspects of Mercury including an annoying bug described in our Lab.

The most relevant change is that Mercury is now fully compatible with the new TinyMCE text editor that has been introduced in version 7.6 of WHMCS.

We have great plans for the future. We're considering to implement Social Media Auto Publish on Mercury. Stay tuned.

New 1
  • The new TinyMCE of WHMCS 7.6.x is fully supported
Improved 8
  • Depending on WHMCS version in use, Mercury will use correct TinyMCE
  • Compatibility with the FontAwesome 5
  • Clients Releases (Widget) now only shows published releases
  • Empty Widgets (eg. no news, posts, releases etc.) looks better now
  • Request features / Bug Reports: character count is more accurate
  • Lab. Completed projects are ordered by date. All other categories are ordered by rank
  • When Admin has no default language set in WHMCS the installer will use English
  • Small improvements to Installer


This is a major release in which we introduce a new concept. As we previously discussed in our Lab, there was a missing piece in Mercury: a Blog.

Finally you can maintain a corporate Blog to reach the goals of your organization. You no longer have to mix offical news with more informal blog posts. Keep them separate and distinct to get the best of both world.

The new blogging platform is fully equiped with 4 widgets that you can use to integrate it in your WHMCS with a simple copy-paste. Next to this major change, we have also improved other secondary aspects.

New 6
  • Blogging platform
  • 4 widgets to integrate the Blog with your WHMCS
  • New section in Settings page to customize the way your Blog will work
  • Blog uses our HereLang technology
  • Make use of File Uploader to create awesome posts full of images
  • Lab Requests: now you can see the date of submissions made by customers
Improved 4
  • Removed some unnecessary scripts
  • MagicInput: lot of improvements in our number selector
  • Small improvements in CSS and template files
  • Small improvements in Utilities PHP class


We updated several core classes we use in all our modules. Changes are small but important. In next release we'll focus on implementing a blog in Mercury. Send us your suggestions from our Lab.

New 1
  • Added links to documentation in Settings page
Improved 5
  • Lot of improvements to MagicInput
  • SVG files are considered as images by File Uploader
  • More efficient regex rules for File Uploader
  • CSS of Documentation
  • General imporvements in the following classes: Language, Setting, Installer
Fixed 3
  • Small bug in our Date class that was showing an "ugly" format: 365 days instead of 1 year
  • It was possible to insert a decimal number in Ticket Processing Time
  • Docs: small scrolling issue involving sidebar