Changelog Latest release 2 days ago

Fixed 1
  • Custom SEO URL not working for documentation due to a typo


We extended IP geolocation to automatically pre-select country and telephone number prefix based on user's location. Moreover we also provide an accurate estimate taxes for visitors placing orders.

New 1
  • Pre-selected country and Estimate Taxes based on user geolocation


You can now freely specify SEO Friendly URLs with multi-language support.

New 3
  • You can optionally specify SEO Friendly URLs for blog posts, news and articles of documentation
  • For articles with no custom SEO Friendly URL specified, Mercury keeps using automatically generate SEO Friendly URL based on the title of the article
  • Custom SEO Friendly URLs support multi-language
New 1
  • Added support for WHMCS v8
New 1
  • New Widget for Support Module. It shows working days/hours, opening/closing time, holidays, waiting time etc.
New 1
  • The visibility of news, blog posts and documentation can customized for each of your brands/domains
Fixed 3
  • It was not possible to post comments as logged in users due to a misconfiguration
  • Sidebar widgets for news and blog post were showing more related articles than the configured ones
  • News categories. Wrong labels for navigation buttons
Improved 1
  • WHMCS Support Tickets. Service Level Agreement column doesn't show up when there are no SLA-tickets


This is a major release where we add Service Level Agreement for WHMCS.

New 5
  • Support for Service Level Agreement
  • SLA Reminders via email to selected WHMCS administrators
  • Penalty/Refund for SLA failures
  • Support for SLA outside working hour
  • Enhancements to WHMCS Support Tickets page to support new functionalities

Visitors, users and administrators can comment your articles, news and blog posts. There are a lot of new features to describe hence we created this new article of documentation.

New 13
  • Added support for comments to articles
  • Comments can be enabled selectively for news, blog posts and documentation
  • Option to allow/disallow comments from visitors (non-registered users)
  • Option to enable moderation to prevent comments from appearing on your site without your approval
  • Define min and max length for comments
  • Support for admin tag to highlight comments from members of your staff (eg. Katamaze | Davide)
  • New page to view, filter, edit, delete and approve comments
  • Duplicate post protection
  • Automatically detects external URLs to apply nofollow, noopener and _blank attributes
  • WHMCS Admins can add comments and reply even when they're using Login as Client
  • Anti-bot protection with Invisible reCAPTCHA v3 or reCAPTCHA v2
  • Multilingual support for comments
  • Small SEO enhancement. Support for HTML Lang tag
Improved 2
  • TinyMCE > Codesample Plugin. Encoding for Js and HTML snippets inside code/pre tags
  • A relevant part of Auto Updater has been improved to correct a potential bug

This is a major release with new features:

Both features were originally included in Advanced Localisation but we decided to "move" them in Mercury.

As a direct consequence, Advanced Localisation module has been retired because Mercury took its place. We didn't simply moved features from one module to the other, everything has been redesigned from scratch.

For example IP Geolocation is no longer based on MaxMind database but on IPStack webservice. Same goes for multi-domain functionalities that on Mercury extend to email notifications.

Customers with an active license of Advanced Localisation can receive Mercury license free of charge until next renewal cycle (149 euro / year).

New 6
  • Support for multi-domain and multi-brand in WHMCS (eg.,,
  • IP geolocation service to offer customized user-experiences
  • Geolocation to automatically set the following parameters based on user location: domain, language, currency, template, cart template
  • Sidebars redesigned from scratch to be fully customizable from template files instead of action hooks
  • New widgets for sidebars: related articles, featured products, you may also like, navigation menu based on headings, categories
  • Estimated Reading time and word count for articles
Improved 3
  • Notable improvements to templates and js scripts
  • PHP Language class
  • Settings page. All translations have been updated
Changed 2
  • Lab Widget shows both developing and pending projects
  • Release module renamed Changelog
Fixed 1
  • Sitemap. Invalid parameter in multi-language URLs

Starting from this release, in addition to OG Tags the module supports JSON-LD Structured Data. We still need to write documentation hence if you want to use it submit a ticket.

New 5
  • JSON-LD support for Structured Data
  • Featured image can be specified for both Documentation articles and Lab entries
  • The newly added featured images for Docs and Lab are included as OG Tag
  • Article without a featured image specified will use as OG Tag a generic image as placeholder
  • From now on Author is saved for both documentation and lab entries


We updated Sitemap documentation in line with recent changes.

New 2
  • Documentation. Label with the number of articles in each category
  • Documentation. Product image used in place of default icon for categories (if specified)
Improved 1
  • Sitemap. staticurl.json, systemurl.json and sitemap.xml files are no longer included in Mercury so that they do not get overwritten by updates
Changed 1
  • Documentation. The first category now longer shows expanded by default
New 1
  • Send notification to the selected Administrators when a Live Demo fails to start due to an error
Changed 1
  • Coming Soon pages for Support and Projects have been removed from interface
Fixed 1
  • A typo was preventing the module from sending notification about updates
New 2
  • Live Demo now handles connection errors
  • Meta Description and Tagline support for Live Demo page
Improved 1
  • Fallback for new installations of WHMCS where tbladmins.language could be null
Fixed 1
  • Language Overrides were not functioning as expected in clientarea
Improved 1
  • Small SEO enhancements
Changed 1
  • Small change to Settings core class that doesn't affect the way the module works