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In this release we focus on perfecting small details.

First off we developed a brand new number selector in MagicInput. You can increase and decrease the value with keyboard, scroll wheel and +/- buttons. To ease the process we also implemented a feature that increases the growing of the number exponentially over time. It also supports prefix, suffix, min/max value and number format. The longer you press the more the growth increases. Click here to take a look.

If you clicked the previous link and your're reading this changelog from our website then you've already noticed the other new feature we implemented. From now on in Mercury all links that point to an image will open in a modal!

Apart from some other improvements we have also included new scripts that will be used with next release. We don't want to spoiler details but you can expect something cool :P

New 4
  • Brand new number selector (MagicInput)
  • When you link to an image it now opens in a modal without leaving the page
  • Images in modals are pre-loaded therefore they will show up with no delays
  • New styling function that will be used in future releases to color specific elements progressively based on warning levels
Improved 4
  • Changelog frontend: categories (New, Improved, Changed...) are now ordered properly
  • Date/Time formatter classes notably improved
  • Request feature / Report bug. Sidebar no longer visible to non-logged users
  • Changelog: attached images will always open in Gallery view instead of modals
Changed 1
  • Small changes to core PHP class of the module

As previously discussed in our Lab, when customers submit feature requests or bug reports in the Lab they tend to think that no one is reading their messages because there are no follow-ups.

For this reason we decided to implement email notifications so that customers receive a notification when they submit requests, when an administrator is reading and when their requests is approved. This will increase customers' perception when they use the Lab.

We've also added a new customizable widget, improved MagicInput and Support module.

New 6
  • Email notification to customers for submitting feature request / bug report
  • Email notification to customers when an administrator is reviewing their feature request / bug report
  • Email notification to customers when their feature request / bug report is approved
  • All the new email notifications are available in English and Italian and can be customized from Email Templates
  • Support module: new variables available to display your working week
  • New widget to display latest releases of products owned by customers
Improved 3
  • MagicInput: colorpicker has been updated with new features and style
  • Small improvements to Packages.tpl and License.tpl files
  • The structure of all PHP classes and methods has been optimized


This is a corrective release. There aren't new features or changes that are worth to mention. We've updated big portions of the code to improve software maintainability and efficiency for PHP 7.1 and 7.2.

Improved 3
  • In-depth code optimization
  • Export to spreadsheet without limitations in numer of rows & columns
  • Exported spreadsheets support multi-language


As already discussed in Lab, In this release we started to implement Support Module bringing you new tools to improve ticket management with features like Premium (paid) support, emergency reports and a system that informs customers about the estimated wait times on tickets.

New 4
  • Management of: working days, hours, breaks, holidays
  • Offer Premium (paid) support to your customers
  • Emergency tickets used by customers to report urgent issues
  • Widget to notify unpaid Premium ticket
Improved 1
  • Anchor labels in Docs formatted properly

Developer notes

You can find more information about Support Module in our documentation.


This is the first Mercury release. If you experience issues, please submit a bug-report. If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know by using request a feature.