Changelog Latest release 1 month ago

Fixed 1
  • Incorrect URL in documentation for Structured Data and OG Protocol
New 3
  • Lab has been redesigned from scratch with new sidebar, widgets, features and styling
  • Image/icon support for Widget > Random articles of Documentation
  • Lab. Character counter when writing titles (SEO)
Improved 1
  • CSS styling for featured images and translations
Changed 1
  • Lab > Rate. Customers can no longer rate cancelled projects
Fixed 1
  • PHP error in Lab
New 3
  • Totally renovated Live Demo page
  • Blog, News and Docs sidebars. There's now a message when there's nothing to show instead of an empty box
  • New Widget to display randomly selected articles from documentation
Improved 2
  • Customizable titles and meta descriptions for Blog, News, Docs, Live Demo (main pages)
  • FontAwesome icons, translations, CSS, Widgets
Fixed 1
  • Smarty error in Addons > Mercury > Settings


The module now allows to hide/display categories names from titles for articles of documentation.

New 2
  • Documentation. New option to hide/display category name from page title
  • Full support for custom SEO Friendly URLs in JSON-LD Structured Data
Improved 1
  • JSON-LD Structured Data (dateCrated, datePublished, dateModified)


Some improvements to multi-language SEO Friendly URLs. There's also a new feature that shows you the optimal title length when writing article.

New 2
  • Option to display blog posts ordered by Last Updated instead of Creation Date
  • Filter by Last Updated available for news, blog posts and documentation
Fixed 1
  • Custom SEO URL not working for documentation due to a typo


We extended IP geolocation to automatically pre-select country and telephone number prefix based on user's location. Moreover we also provide an accurate estimate taxes for visitors placing orders.

New 1
  • Pre-selected country and Estimate Taxes based on user geolocation


You can now freely specify SEO Friendly URLs with multi-language support.

New 3
  • You can optionally specify SEO Friendly URLs for blog posts, news and articles of documentation
  • For articles with no custom SEO Friendly URL specified, Mercury keeps using automatically generate SEO Friendly URL based on the title of the article
  • Custom SEO Friendly URLs support multi-language
New 1
  • Added support for WHMCS v8
New 1
  • New Widget for Support Module. It shows working days/hours, opening/closing time, holidays, waiting time etc.
New 1
  • The visibility of news, blog posts and documentation can customized for each of your brands/domains
Fixed 3
  • It was not possible to post comments as logged in users due to a misconfiguration
  • Sidebar widgets for news and blog post were showing more related articles than the configured ones
  • News categories. Wrong labels for navigation buttons
Improved 1
  • WHMCS Support Tickets. Service Level Agreement column doesn't show up when there are no SLA-tickets


This is a major release where we add Service Level Agreement for WHMCS.

New 5
  • Support for Service Level Agreement
  • SLA Reminders via email to selected WHMCS administrators
  • Penalty/Refund for SLA failures
  • Support for SLA outside working hour
  • Enhancements to WHMCS Support Tickets page to support new functionalities

Visitors, users and administrators can comment your articles, news and blog posts. There are a lot of new features to describe hence we created this new article of documentation.

New 13
  • Added support for comments to articles
  • Comments can be enabled selectively for news, blog posts and documentation
  • Option to allow/disallow comments from visitors (non-registered users)
  • Option to enable moderation to prevent comments from appearing on your site without your approval
  • Define min and max length for comments
  • Support for admin tag to highlight comments from members of your staff (eg. Katamaze | Davide)
  • New page to view, filter, edit, delete and approve comments
  • Duplicate post protection
  • Automatically detects external URLs to apply nofollow, noopener and _blank attributes
  • WHMCS Admins can add comments and reply even when they're using Login as Client
  • Anti-bot protection with Invisible reCAPTCHA v3 or reCAPTCHA v2
  • Multilingual support for comments
  • Small SEO enhancement. Support for HTML Lang tag
Improved 2
  • TinyMCE > Codesample Plugin. Encoding for Js and HTML snippets inside code/pre tags
  • A relevant part of Auto Updater has been improved to correct a potential bug