Changelog Latest release 3 months ago

Fixed 3
  • Javascript error causing scroll-to-top animation to break
  • PDO Exception: DOUBLE value in Uploads
  • Fatal error on Validations
Improved 1
  • Clientarea translations (English and Italian)
Fixed 2
  • 3 fatal errors in clientarea occurring on newly installed WHMCS where there were no initial data to feed some functions
  • Settings > AdSense. One setting was showing before AdSense activation


We are making a slight change to the banning feature we added in the previous version 1.5.3 for comments.

Banned IP addresses can still read news, blog posts and article of documentation. The banning part takes action only when it comes to submitting a comment.

Changed 1
  • Comments. Banned IP can still read articles. They simply can't submit comments

As you probably already know, Mercury integrates comment section right below news, blog posts and documentation.

The module can stop most of spam incorporating Google reCAPTCHA and Invisible CAPTCHA.

With this release we give you a new weapon to use against spammers. We're talking about IPv4 and IPv6 bans.

New 4
  • Store visitors' IPv4 and IPv6 when they post comments
  • Create as many IPv4 and IPv6 bans as you want to stop spammers
  • Create bans on the fly in one-click from Comments sections of WHMCS administration
  • Load your list of bans from Settings (one IP per line)


This release addresses the problem of slow loading pages on some systems running WHMCS v8.x.

Improved 1
  • Page loading time
Improved 2
  • Permalinks. The module now redirects using 301 (Moved Permanently) instead of 302
  • Updated countries.json file

This is a major release where we add a lot of great features. We start with Google AdSense, fully configurable Categories for news, blog, docs and lab.

The icing on the cake is the possibility to define titles, meta descriptions and OG descriptions for WHMCS pages and custom ones from interface.

New 7
  • Integration with Google AdSense
  • New clientarea page for FAQ
  • New pages to manage multi-language categories (news, blog, faq) and metadata
  • Categories support the following parameters: title, label, meta description, OG description, icon, tagline
  • New page from which you can define multi-language titles, meta description and OG tags for any page of WHMCS (custom and default ones)
  • Database structure changed to store articles longer than 65.535 characters
  • Attach up to 250 images and files for each article instead of 50
Improved 4
  • The module automatically strips HTML tags from Meta descriptions and OG descriptions
  • Minor template and CSS tweaks
  • Minor improvements (366 DBV)
  • Settings page. We were using an excessively complex variable declaration that was not working on older versions of WHMCS
Changed 1
  • Settings > Utilities renamed Various
Deprecated 1
  • The module no longer relies on language variables to handle news and blog categories
Fixed 1
  • Pagination showing wrong number of records
Fixed 1
  • Incorrect URL in documentation for Structured Data and OG Protocol
New 3
  • Lab has been redesigned from scratch with new sidebar, widgets, features and styling
  • Image/icon support for Widget > Random articles of Documentation
  • Lab. Character counter when writing titles (SEO)
Improved 1
  • CSS styling for featured images and translations
Changed 1
  • Lab > Rate. Customers can no longer rate cancelled projects
Fixed 1
  • PHP error in Lab
New 3
  • Totally renovated Live Demo page
  • Blog, News and Docs sidebars. There's now a message when there's nothing to show instead of an empty box
  • New Widget to display randomly selected articles from documentation
Improved 2
  • FontAwesome icons, translations, CSS, Widgets
  • Customizable titles and meta descriptions for Blog, News, Docs, Live Demo (main pages)
Fixed 1
  • Smarty error in Addons > Mercury > Settings


The module now allows to hide/display categories names from titles for articles of documentation.

New 2
  • Full support for custom SEO Friendly URLs in JSON-LD Structured Data
  • Documentation. New option to hide/display category name from page title
Improved 1
  • JSON-LD Structured Data (dateCrated, datePublished, dateModified)


Some improvements to multi-language SEO Friendly URLs. There's also a new feature that shows you the optimal title length when writing article.

New 2
  • Option to display blog posts ordered by Last Updated instead of Creation Date
  • Filter by Last Updated available for news, blog posts and documentation
Fixed 1
  • Custom SEO URL not working for documentation due to a typo


We extended IP geolocation to automatically pre-select country and telephone number prefix based on user's location. Moreover we also provide an accurate estimate taxes for visitors placing orders.

New 1
  • Pre-selected country and Estimate Taxes based on user geolocation