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Nov 14 Free WHMCS Action Hooks Factory • Open Source by Katamaze

WHMCS as Fast as Possible It's much easier to understand what is WHMCS making a parallelism with WordPress. Of the many free CMS, WordPress is the best and most popular solution to start a blog. WHMCS is the same in its reference market. It's the way go to start an hosting business for providers, web agencies and IT professionals. Both systems ar... Read More »

Aug 18 Avoid WHMCS, Blesta, HostBill, ClientExec, Ubersmith Hosting

At 20, I had just started my first company. One year later I was already using WHMCS that has always been there as a constant in my working life. I have involved myself in different projects ranging from hosting, web development, system administration to blockchain, billing, consulting, logistic and marketplaces. Everything I did was more or less ... Read More »

Aug 18 MUST Read Before Launching a WHMCS Site: Bugs & Issues

I started using WHMCS in 2008. As I look back and look at the situation today, I know that something isn't quite right. I recall WHMCS as an old-school piece of software. It wasn't particularly beautiful but it was reliable. What we have now is a software where form becomed a higher priority than substance. WHMCS staff is spending large amounts of... Read More »

Jul 27 SEO Implications of Using Premade KB Articles for WHMCS

Customer support is a drain on every hosting company resources. Each new support ticket takes you away from high-value tasks as you need to spend time answering customers questions. The impact on small and medium sized enterprises is even greater since they have a limited number of employees. In one way or another a provider is forced use senior-l... Read More »

Jul 18 SEO and WHMCS • How we Increased Traffic Rankings by 462%

Where it all started Let me show you how I managed to boost traffic and other metrics with SEO on this WHMCS site. I didn't hire an SEO expert. I did a lot of research and A/B testing myself as I was creating a SEO module for WHMCS. This gave me the opportunity to test SEO techniques in a real case scenario for an extensive period of time. As I w... Read More »

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