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Feb 28 MUST Read Before Launching a WHMCS Site: Bugs & Issues

I started using WHMCS in 2008. As I look back and look at the situation today, I know that something isn't quite right. I recall WHMCS as an old-school piece of software. It wasn't particularly beautiful but it was reliable. What we have now is a software where form becomed a higher priority than substance. WHMCS staff is spending large amounts of... Read More »

Feb 21 SEO Module for WHMCS • The Definitive Guide to Rank your Site

Myths and Facts about SEO in WHMCS There are many wrongful convictions in WHMCS community around Search Engine Optimization. Before talking about SEO in WHMCS, it is good to focus on facts and debunk myths.Plenty of modules promise improvements in search rankings with so-called SEO enhancements. In reality they provide poor results or use technolo... Read More »

Feb 21 Free WHMCS Action Hooks Factory • Open Source by Katamaze

WHMCS as Fast as Possible It's much easier to understand what is WHMCS making a parallelism with WordPress. Of the many free CMS, WordPress is the best and most popular solution to start a blog. WHMCS is the same in its reference market. It's the way go to start an hosting business for providers, web agencies and IT professionals. Both systems ar... Read More »

Feb 21 What is WHMCS? Beginners Guide - Run Web Hosting Business

What Is WHMCS Used For? An analogy can help to clarify what is WHMCS and why is so important in web hosting world. Besides being most widely used CMS, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet. If you run a blog, WordPress is the answer. Similarly, as far as running a web hosting business, WHMCS is the most popular and used... Read More »

Feb 19 Charge Clients PayPal Fees for Payments sent through WHMCS

Offering multiple payment methods is one of the key to make your web hosting business successful. Customers are busy most of the time that's why you should provide them the comfort they need to buy your hosting plans. WHMCS makes it fairly easy and quick. Enabling a new payment method takes a few clicks and you can choose from a list that includes... Read More »

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