1. 1 october 2018
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Few days ago we discussed of the security risks in hosting WHMCS and a CMS on the same package. This time we want to bring you our first blog post series to establish best practices for WHMCS beginners. Here are one first top 3 don'ts.

1. Not knowing Further Security Steps

If you have a long experience with WHMCS, the expression Further Security Steps may sound familiar. We're talking about the official recommendations of WHMCS that secure your system even further. If you are new to WHMCS, do yourself a favor and invest time reading that guide.

2. Overcomplicating things

We all had that moment when the installation of WHMCS is complete and we want to improve it as much as possible. We want to make it perfect but in the end we overdo it. It's in these moments that we create things like 10 departments for support. What's the point if you are a one man company or a small team?

Do not overcomplicate things. Try to keep things as simple as possible.

3. Selling too many products

Personally I notice this practice a lot. Carts over-bloated with hundreds of products/services and domain extensions just because WHMCS has many Registrar and Server modules that can be activated in one click.

The fact that we can easily start selling the TLD of Greenland doesn't automatically mean that selling it is a good idea. The day you'll manage to sell that domain you will waste an entire morning trying to understand why it's not registering.

It's true that with WHMCS everything can be automated but requirements of TLDs always change. When this happens modules may need to be updated but they are not updated as regularly as you would expect. The same thing applies to products.

Just focus on products and domains that you can maintain with your staff. Don't put yourself into troubles selling products you don't fully understand.

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Davide - Founder, Developer