Google AdSense and WHMCS Integration With In-Page Ads

Back   Posted on 10 january 2021 / Updated on 3 march 2021
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As you've probably noticed, this website display ads from Google AdSense in blog posts and documentation. The motives behind this are two both of which important.

One. We have implemented ads in Mercury. This is a module that turns WHMCS into a CMS and comes with all SEO enhancements. Google AdSense was just the missing piece to complete the suite.

Two. Our long-term goal is to shift to a sponsor-driven business model. It will take long before we can open source all our modules free of charge. In the meantime ads help speeding up the process as articles of this website attract lot of visitors.

If you are interested in knowing more about ads in WHMCS, continue reading. Below I'm going to share with you all details.

WHMCS Module for Google AdSense

Not long ago I posted my experience in working with SEO for a period 8 months. I have been able to increase traffic by 462%.

I didn't hire an SEO expert. I did a lot of research and A/B testing as I was creating Mercury, a SEO module for WHMCS. Basically I used this site as workbench to run my SEO experiment.

For things like SEO and Google AdSense, I think that learning by doing is more effective than simply being told.

After weeks of testing ads, I put all my findings in Mercury. The module already offers the possibility to use WHMCS as CMS and has been developed with SEO in mind.

The fact that it also includes ads, is a big plus. Anyone can benefit from it. Embending Google AdSense in WHMCS is now super simple and takes just a couple of clicks.

Disaffection Towards WHMCS

If you've read is WHMCS getting worse?, you should know that I'm not liking the new WHMCS. I still think of it as the best solution to start a hosting business but it is being poorly managed for too long.

For this reason, I decided to stray away from WHMCS. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning it. It's just that I'm no longer in the mood to help WHMCS staff with my feedback and bug reporting. They don't listen to their customers and developers so there's no point in continuing.

In this respect, I'm opening new channels to potentially reach customers getting rid of WHMCS ones as I don't support support their decisions. For now it's working quite successfully because of the following reasons:

  • My SEO efforts are attracting many new visitors
  • On Github I'm releasing lot of scripts. All free and open souce

The idea is that one day I will open source all my WHMCS modules. I would like to shift to a sponsor-driven software development. This way anyone can join to contribute improving modules and use them for free.

Before taking such a big step, first I want to test the possibility of speeding up the process with ads. Time will tell. In any case we've been already approved by GitHub Sponsor so we are pretty serious about that.

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