Troubleshooting Blank Page / Oops Error Message

Back   Posted on 13 april 2018 / Updated on 24 january 2021
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This article discusses what to do when one of our modules displays blank pages or server errors. To cut ticket resolution time please make sure to follow the steps described below. Opening a ticket reporting that you received an "Oops! Something went wrong" page gives us no useful information to assist you.

Activity Log

If you're lucky enough Utilities > Logs > Activity Log provides clues as to what is causing the problem as you can see in the screenshot below. Before visiting this section first make sure that you have triggered the error. If there are no relevant information proceed to next step.

Display Errors

Visit Setup > General Settings. In Other tab look for Display Errors and enable it.

Now when triggering the error you'll find more details on screen. If you still see no relevant information proceed to next step.


At the very end of your configuration.php (root directory of WHMCS) paste the snippet provided below and trigger the error.

$display_errors = true;
$display_errors = E_ALL;

Common problems

A fatal error involving ionCube loaders generally means that you downloaded the wrong package. Each module could be available in multiple packages (e.g. PHP 5.3, 5.4+, 5.6+, 7.1+). Please make sure you are using the right one. For example if you are running PHP 7.0 you should download 5.6+ package and not 7.1+.

Another common mistake could be that your server does not allows short open tag. PHP opening tag can also be written with the short syntax <? that can cause a fatal error if not allowed on your server. To avoid any problem we always use the long form but third-party components we use could prefer the short one. If your WHMCS is not functional because of a short tag, you can temporarily enable short open tag on your server while we fix the third-party component.

Using auto_prepend_file or auto_append_file PHP options will cause a fatal error. Please disable these settings otherwise modules can't work. Also make sure that base_64_encode and base_64_decode are enabled on your server.

Let's report the issue

If none of the solutions above work, include all details you retreived in our bug reporting tool or in a ticket. Once you are done, be sure to revert back all changes (e.g. turn off Display Errors and remove the snippet from your configuration file).

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