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Back   Published on 23 may 2018 / Updated on 21 january 2021
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Offering your customers many different ways to pay you is important for your business. In the end it's all about making sure that you can get paid.

Today's world offers numerous payment options but not all of them are integrated in WHMCS. In fact everytime you want to add a new payment gateway you have to purchase it from the Marketplace or hire a developer.

Usually gateways aren't too complex to develop but they require the reading of hundreds of pages of documentation and continued support. This increases development costs to the point that you just stick to the usual 2-3 payment methods.

We think that this problem must be addressed by changing the way these solutions are sold. From now on instead of forcing you to purchase multiple payment gateways separately, we will start selling our Payments Bundle module that contains all payment methods we developed. Right now Payments Bundle offers 3 payment solutions:

  • GestPay by BancaSella
  • BNL POSitivity by BNL
  • Nexi

With time we'll add more gateways and the price of the module will stay the same. In addition there are also two valuable features.

Country-based Gateways

For each gateway you can define banned countries (e.g. customers from France can't use PayPal) and set the default one for every country.

Gateway Fees

You can impose additional fees for the usage of a particular payment gateway in order to increase your income or bring customers to use the gateway that you prefer. For more information read Gateway Fees.

Can't find your favorite payment method?

Let us know what payment options you would like to see in Payments Bundle by leaving a comment in the Lab.

Existing GestPay customers

Customers who have already purchased GestPay can still use it normally and have access to Payments Bundle for free. The price for support & updates will remain the same of GestPay.

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