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Charge Gateway fees to customers

First we must make it clear that imposing additional fees for the usage of a particular payment gateway is not legal in some countries. Moreover for some payment gateways this practice constitutes a breach of the contract. That being said, make your considerations before you start using this option.

Payments Bundle allows you to apply additional fees for each gateway. When this feature is in use the module will add your custom fees directly on the invoice everytime Payment Method changes (front-end and back-end). Fees are calculated in real time including taxes.


Effective fees

All applied fees are effective in the sense that Payments Bundle uses a formula that guarantees you to receive the exact amount of the invoice. Let us give you an example. The fees of a specific gateways are 3.4% plus 0.35 euro and the total of the invoice is 100 euro.

Intuitively the fees of the invoice should be 3.4% + 0.35 of 100 therefore 3.75 euro but it would not be correct. The result would be 103.75 euro on which the gateway still charges 3.4% + 0.35 giving you the following outcome:

  • Total: 103.75 euro
  • Fees: 3.88
  • Income: 103.75 - 3.8 = 99.87 euro

As you can see in the process it's true that you saved 3.75 euro but you are still losing 0.13 euro. That's why the module uses a formula that adjusts the fee so that you are guaranteed to receive exacly 100 euro.

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