The new Commission Manager is out!

Back   Published on 5 august 2019 / Updated on 21 january 2021
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Commission Manager was first released in 2015 and today, after more than 10 months of development, module' refactoring has been completed!

The new Commission Manager doesn't share anything with its predecessor. It includes Katamaze technology with SorTables, HereLang and MagicInput and has everything needed to build your affiliate network.

Award commissions to affiliates for spreading the word about you. Set commissions for products, TLDs, addons, signups and sales that can be recurring, one-time, lifetime based on fixed amounts and/or percentages.

A key ingredient to boost your affiliate marketing is to keep your sales team motivated. That's why the module integrates a system that rewards affiliates for unlocking set goals (eg. Top Revenue, 1st in sales). Your business growth will benefit from competition between affiliates.

An important aspect of an affiliate software like Commission Manager is to offer you plenty of attribution models to track conversions and award commissions to the right person. The module provides you with:

  • First-Click attribution based on Referral Links with cookies
  • Interactive attribution where end-users select their sales representative
  • Manual for sales and conversions made "offline"

Moreover it protects you from Cross-Affiliation techniques, supports multi-currency, retroactive pay and thanks to an integration with Billing Extension, the module issues credit notes for payouts. Lastly the module is GDPR-friendly (restricting data requires one click).

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We would like to remind you that we already have projects for new upcoming features that are described on our Lab:

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