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Back   Published on 7 september 2018 / Updated on 21 january 2021
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Katamaze Blog

We're glad to announce that starting from now you can follow us on our new blogging platform accessible from There we will share solutions and tips to stay up to date in the digital world. The blog is divided into 3 categories:

  • Showcase: our daily activities and anticipations of incoming features
  • Tips: suggestions, best practice and useful snippets
  • Coffee Break: posts perfectly suited for coffee breaks

A Blog for WHMCS

As we previously discussed in our Lab, our module Mercury has everything: news, documentation, lab, feature requests, bug reports, comments, changelogs and many more premium features. What was missing was a powerful blogging platform.

In the latest release (version 1.1.0) of Mercury we implemented a blog. Finally you can maintain a Corporate Blog to reach the goals of your organization. You no longer have to mix offical news with more informal blog posts. Keep them separate and distinct to get the best of both world.

The new blogging platform is fully equiped with 4 widgets that you can use to integrate it in your WHMCS with a simple copy-paste.

Refactoring of Commission Manager

After having successfully refactored Payments Bundle and Billing Extension, as we promised we are now moving to Commission Manager. We invite you to share your thoughts by adding suggestions and feedback in our Lab: Refactoring Commission Manager. In the meantime we share with you a preview of one of our work-in-progress page.

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