7 february 2018


General, Commissions Manager

Commissions Manager is a pretty neat module that proved to be very stable and solid during the last two and a half year but we think it needs a refactoring. First of all we want to move from procedural to object-oriented architecture. Implementing SorTables and MagicInput on Commissions Manager would be great too since the module is table-reliant.

That said, probably the most important change we want to make is improving user experience. We think that the module has too many commissions' types. Some of them are great while other ones are used so rarely that we are considering the possibility of removing them. We do understand that this would be a big change therefore we invite you to share your thoughts by using the box below.

In conclusion since we going to redesign Commissions Manager from scratch, for now do not expect any minor release or new feature.

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