Refactoring Commission Manager: 6 sneak peeks

Back   Published on 22 october 2018 / Updated on 21 january 2021
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Big news for Commissions Manager (which from the next major release will become "Commission Manager"). As you probably know we're working on a complete refactoring of many of our modules, now it's Commission Manager's turn.

After Mercury and Billing Extension, we're bringing our new approach and technology to this product, to hugely improve the user experience, making everything easier to manage and clearer to view.

What we want to do here is sharing some sneak peeks of the current work progress so that you can find out what's in the air.

#1 Product-based commissions

Product based commissionsWe rethinked the way we add product-based commissions. Rules can be set globally or individually, and the more specific rule wins.

#2 Achievements

AchievementsWe added the concept of Achievements. As an admin, you will be able to add up to 6 types of achievement for your sales agents, based on "amount paid", "sales count", and "new paying customers".

You can set thresholds, that once reached grant a reward, or "top sellers", that lets you reward only the first X sellers in a specific category (the reward can be set individually for each of the ranking positions, up to 10).

#3 Sales agent user interface - Earnings

Sales agent earningsWe are providing your salespeople with many smart pages, which will provide a broad overview of their situation. Allowing them to plan their work at their best. In the Earnings page they can find a complete review of their payments, each with its own status (Paid, Pending, Processing, Rejected). From this page they can require a checkout, to withdraw their approved earnings.

#4 Sales agent user interface - Achievements

Sales agent achievementsIn the Achievements page, your sales agents will find a list of the achievements already reached for the current month, and the next targets they should focus on. This will let them best focus on what's important for the company.

#5 Sales agent user interface - Subscriptions

Sales agent subscriptionsIn the Subscriptions page, there is a summary of all the subscriptions (active, suspended and expired). This page is very useful by a seller's point of view, since it lets him know when a passive income is about to expire, allowing to best plan his activities.

#6 Sales agent user interface - Report

Sales agent reportThe Report page offers a complete summary of the seller's performance. Here the agent can browse his performance history. The data will be displayed day-by-day for the last 30 days, and month-by-month for the other timeframes.

The new Commission Manager is about 40% complete. Stay tuned and don't forget that you can send us suggestions and request features.

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