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Back   Posted on 15 january 2019 / Updated on 17 july 2023
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As you might have noticed, our modules for WHMCS can be downloaded in multiple packages each of which supports specific PHP versions. You can choose it from download page directly from here.

There shouldn't any problem finding out what is the right package for your WHMCS installation but it is worth to spend a few words examining the differences. Downloading the wrong package in fact could result into blank pages and fatal errors.

Most of the times you will find the following download options:

  • 7.4 & 8.1+
  • 7.2+
  • 7.1+
  • 5.6 & 7.1+
  • 5.6+

The options in bold are bundles that can work with multiple PHP versions. It may be preferable to use them since they allow to switch PHP version without the need to replace any file which is ideal if you're testing an upgrade of PHP.

It is worth to say that in order to support multiple PHP version, bundles are bigger in file size (up to 80%) and consequently are slightly slower when it comes to loading speed.

This is nothing you should be concerned about as we're talking of marginal gains. Moreover the entire installation of WHMCS is itself a bundle therefore worrying about bundles in third-party modules is unnecessary.

That being said, let's say you are running WHMCS on PHP 7.1. The 7.1+ package will run imperceptibly faster compared to 5.6 & 7.1+ bundle.

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