Simplify WHMCS Renewals and Management for Web Agencies

Simplify WHMCS Renewals and Management for Web Agencies

Back   Posted on 1 september 2018 / Updated on 1 october 2020
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Enhanced Renewals is our idea of how renewals should work for customers. We find incredibly intricate the way WHMCS has been built to provide such a feature.

Customers have to continuously open pages and go through tables that offer them just a chaotic view of their products. Terminated services are put on the same level of active ones and clients keep bumping against products expired years before. Not to mention that domains and products/services are completely separated on two pages.

From a customer standpoint all products appear piled together without the opportune care. There's no way to view them grouped by domain therefore clients have to manually search for them on My Domains and My Services pages opening countless pages. It's perplexing that the same poor organization reflects also on addons, configurable options, auto-renew and cancellations.

Our Solution

Customers can finally manage all their domains, products/services, addons, configurable options gathered together in one page and grouped by domains.

Products/services that are not associated to a domain name can be grouped by product (eg. all VPS Silver together) or product groups (eg. all VPS together). In the example below you can see the latter in action.

Each domain or service can be managed individually and customers can turn on/off auto-renew and request cancellation in one click. For products/services the cancellation will always be set at the end of billing cycle. Now let's focus on how this new structure for services and domains works.

As soon as your customers open this page, they have an overview at a glance of their services that are expiring earlier. They can click on the domain name to expand its content on the fly, use the instant search or click on column names to filter and order results, define owners for each group of products, manage DNS, nameservers, products, addons and configurable opions. Enhanced Renewals is fully customizable. Below we are going to describe you its potentialities.

Status Filtering

In this select we put all the possible statuses that every type of product can assume (eg. Expired, Transfered Away... for domains, Terminated, Suspended... ‎for products/services and addons) so that you can freely choose only the ones that you what your customers to see in Enhanced Renewals. In this way you can provide them a clean page and get rid of services and domains that are not worth to show. For example what's the point of showing domains that have been transfered away and terminated hosting accounts?

Purge Expired

This feature is very handy when on one hand you don't want to show "dead" services (eg. terminated products and expired domains) but on the other you want to show them when they expired just recently. Let's suppose that you want to show them when they are expired from less than 15 days. Simply set this value equal to 15 or zero to disable.

White Label Support

With white labeling, expiration notifications sent to services' owners appear as sent directly from your customers. Let us explain this with an example. A Web Agency wants to send expiration notifications to customers without letting them know that you are the Provider. Through this feature the Web Agency can provide SMTP credentials that Billing Extension will use to send email notifications. Your role will be hidden to end-users.


The email is fully customizable from a simple interface that gives customers advanced features like BCC (blind carbon copy), custom logo, header, footer, CSS and signature.

Products Grouping

All products/services ‎that are not associated to a domain (eg. VoIP, softwares, advertising...) are displayed individually in Enhanced Renewals table. If you want more compactness you can group them by products or product groups achieving the following results.

Group by products:

  • Hosting Lite
    • Hosting Lite
    • Hosting Lite
  • VPS Silver
    • VPS Silver
    • VPS Silver

Group by product groups:

  • Hosting
    • Hosting Lite
    • Hosting Pro
  • VPS
    • VPS Silver
    • VPS Platinum

Default Page Overriding

Even though the point of Enhanced Renewals is to replace My Domains and My Services pages of WHMCS, you can still use both systems simultaneously. We discourage you to do so since this would confuse your customers even more. Having 3 pages for the same purpose would be excessive. If you agree with us, you should enable this option so that customers accessing My Domains and My Services will be automatically redirected to Enhanced Renewals.

Navbar and Sidebar

Both features are pretty much self explanatory. Enable them if you want to have a Sidebar and a new menu to your Navbar that points to Enhanced Renewals page.


The sidebar lets you customers quickly know the amount due next month if they want to keep all services active. If OnePayment is in use it also lets them know how many days are left until the monthly invoice is issued.

Here is where Billing Extension adds the menu to your navbar that links to Enhanced Renewals. Please keep in mind that sidebar and navbar will work only if your template supports them.

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