Let's geolocalise

In a few moments Advanced Localisation determines the country of origin of visitors to your site, thus allowing you to apply specific behaviors for each of them.

  • Automatically set default language and currency
  • possibility to deactivate certain payment solutions based on the country of origin
  • Allow/deny the visitor the change of language and currency applied by the module
  • Autoselection of the country during customer's registration

Advanced Localisation uses MaxMind to locate visitors with a 99.8% accuracy.

Custom rules

A series of standard rules are already included for over 177 countries. These rules are based on the most widespread languages in each country but it is always possible to make changes from a simple interface..

  • Customize the language and currency for each country
  • Countries are organized by geographical areas for easy consultation

Thanks to cookies, language and currency preferences are stored in the browser. The visitor can thus continue his navigation seamlessly.

Advanced integration

The module makes WHMCS accessible from multiple domains and subdomains, each of which can be associated with a specific language and currency.

  • Chance to use geographic domain extensions for language selection
  • Full support for issuing invoices from different brands

With the integration of Billing Extension, customers receive invoices based on the domain from which they complete registration. The perfect solution if you operate from several companies.


By linking each language to a domain you can improve search engine indexing of your website and make it easily accessible for your target audience.

  • Index pages of WHMCS in every language
  • Avoid duplicate content penalty
  • Improve the indexing of multilanguage pages

A simple and affordable way to consolidate your presence on the web.

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