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Back   Published on 21 november 2018 / Updated on 21 january 2021
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Katamaze never stops!

One of the most frequent requests from our new users is to try out our modules before buying.

As you know, we do not provide trial licenses for security reasons. However, for some users who request it, we provide access to one of our demo environments. This way we give the possibility to test the features of our softwares in a ready-to-use system, complete with all our modules.

Today comes a big news!

As we anticipated in our Lab, from today our demo system is completely renewed and automated.

The requests will be managed automatically by the site, so you can request a demo and use it immediately without the need for our manual intervention. On the request page you will find all the necessary information. In case all platforms are in use, a counter will display the time until a demo is available again.

As soon as you request a demo, we automatically prepare a new installation of WHMCS with dummy customers, invoices, proformas, credit notes, payments and with all our modules installed and fully configured. The process takes only few seconds! As if it wasn't enough, you can use these 3 features that we've implemented on all our demo platforms.

You can simulate the daily Cron of WHMCS, reinstall the entire demo with a new set of data and manage your demo session in one click.

This innovation of course doesn't concern only our portal: it has been included in Mercury, which we use ourselves. Therefore, all customers who have an active Mercury license can take advantage of this useful feature, and in turn provide demos to their users.

To clearly understand what we are talking about, visit our Live Demo page.
Please, do not request demos just for fun :P

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