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We do understand the benefits of a product demonstration especially if the product is a software. We know firsthand its importance in fact most of pre-sales questions people send us are about live demos for modules.

We've always thought to automate this process to reduce waiting times. Now our plan is becoming reality. We've almost finished to develop Live Demo functionalities in Mercury! This way we managed to achieve two goals:
  • Provide live demo for our modules
  • Make possible for you to do the same for your products
Below you can see a preview of the front-end interface but don't forget that there's also a back-end interface from which you can review comments, track sales and conversion rates!

In the above screenshot you see how it looks like for our products but you can get the same result for your own products in a few clicks. All you see is fully customizable from Mercury. You can set background colors, upload images, specify products names etc. Mercury also automatically detects products already owned by your customers.

This is the page your customers see when they successfully request a live demo. When all your demo-environments are in use, all other other customers see the following message.

Of course the duration of demos and the possibility to extend them is customizable. Mercury offers you multiple features and options that can be changed to match your specific needs.

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