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Most of tickets regarding Billing Extension require a lot of details. For example when a customer reports us a potential issue with an invoice, we always have to start a conversation like follows.

Customer: Hi, my proforma 1210 has been "suppressed" and I don't know why.
Operator: Hi, are you suppressing Invoices fully paid by Credit?
Customer: Yes but this Invoice has no Credit
Operator: Are you using OneInvoice? Addons > Billing Extension > Settings > Billing Preferences > Invoicing Mode
Customer: No, I'm using Legacy (WHMCS)
Operator: Could you please provide WHMCS Admin credentials?
Customer: Sure.
Operator: Got it. The Invoice had 100% discount copuon code applied and you set BX to suppress 100% discount Invoices
Customer: Thanks!

Ticket like this requires a lot of time for resolution sicne we need to ask multiple questions and having different time zones doesn't help. Of course it would be easier for us to have direct access to the WHMCS of our customers but this is not a viable option.

The good news is that we think we found a way to make this process faster for both of us. We're going to implement a button in Settings page of Billing Extension to open a modal that produces an encoded string to copy and paste in a ticket. The string looks like follows.

All settings of Billing Extension are encoded in this string. We can use that to recreate the same scenario of your WHMCS in our systems. This way there's no need to play "ping pong" for days with questions and answers since we already have all details we need.

Moreover if the problem you're experiencing involves specific Invoices, you can also provide a list of such documents that will be included in the encoded string.

We are optimistic about this feature and we think it will help us to reduce ticket resolution times. Before you ask yes, we know that GDPR policy exists but it shouldn't be a problem.

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