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All translations of our modules have always been managed diretcly by us. This is a time consuming process that is the cause of three issues:

  • We do our best to provide you high-quality translations but we are developers, not translators
  • We'd like have modules available in other languages other than Italian and English
  • It takes time and we could focus on developing features instead of translating contents

We think that it's possible to solve these issues by creating a platform that can be used by translators from around the world to maintain localisations of all our modules. Let us give you more details.


Contributors can help us to translate all language strings from a simple interface that is similar to HereLang.

Translation status

We are going to add a page from which anyone can see the complete list of supported languages each one with contributor count and percentage of completion.

Upvote/Downvote translations

Every contributor can upvote/downvote translations sent by other contributors and suggest better alternatives. In this way we can provide you the best possible translation.


A crucial element of system is rewarding and recognising successfull contributions. It could be a system that allows them to earn points, levels, badges or discounts but we're still thinking about it.

Easy to use

We aim to offer you a simple way to start receiving translations in two steps. First create the translation project conifiguring all options you need then upload your language file. That's it.


This system surely will be part of Mercury and will be placed inside Lab section.

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