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You wouldn't believe how complex is to work with WHMCS when your focus to improve its Billing System. It's full of Action Hooks that trigger themselves an unpredictable number of times depending on a wide range of options.

We strive to catch all the possibile outcomes with built-in checks. Did you know for example that a proforma can be processed in 22 different ways? If we consider OneInvoice, this numer goes up to 32.

Each of these possibilities may or may not trigger certain hooks providing different sets of data. As if it wasn't enough the same hooks can be triggered 2 or even 3 times consecutively. Sometimes it feels like we're playing Jenga :)

In version 2.2.10 of Billing Extension, we made some important changes to core features we have always used starting from version 2.0.0. We think we managed to catch a wider number of exceptions that should be noticeable.

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