How to Manage and Moderate WHMCS Affiliates and Resellers

Back   Posted on 3 august 2019 / Updated on 24 january 2021
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As an administrator, essentially you have to take care of 3 aspects. First off you have to moderate new affiliate registrations unless you are auto-accepting them. Moderation is pretty simple and requires just one click from Dashboard. Alternatively, you can use Affiliates page from which you can select multiple affiliates at a time.

If interactive attribution is in use, you also have to approve aliases. Similarly to new registrations, this process can be performed from both Dashboard and Affiliates page. There's no option to auto-accept aliases. In fact people could choose misleading names or offensive words.

Lastly there are payout requests that can be approved or rejected upon verification. Once a payout request has been marked as paid from Dashboard or Commissions page, you'll need to manually send money to the affiliate via wire transfer, PayPal, credit balance or any other paymeth method you use. If Billing Extension is installed, the module issues credit notes to affiliates:
  • On a daily basis with daily cron of WHMCS
  • Every 1st of the month
  • On demand whenever you want to


With Interactive Attribution at some point customers will be asked to select their sales representative (affiliates) from a list. Probably your affiliates don't like the idea of seeing their names on a list that can be seen by anyone. That's why we came up with the idea of using aliases.

Every affiliate can freely choose an alias (it could be a nickname, brand name, website, company name...) that must be approved by an administrator. This way you can protect youself from affiliates that use misleading names, reserved words, ASCII art, offensive words or things like "AAA - Select me" to appear on top of the list.


Terminating an affiliate is like deleting him from Commission Manager. The only difference is that termination keeps all data (payouts, statistics, commissions etc.) while deletion permanently remove anything related to that affiliate from database.


The module keeps awarding commission to suspended affiliates but their earnings are marked as suspended and they can't request payouts. On reactivation they regain affiliate rights back. The idea is that you can suspend affiliates that violate your rules, generates suspicious orders or malicious activities.

It is worth to remind that rewards gained for unlocking achievements are given every 1st of the month. An affiliate that is still suspended during this period won't get any reward.

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