Better GDPR pop-ups in 3 steps

Back   Posted on 10 october 2018
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I'm constantly being interrupted by pop-ups about GDPR and Cookie Law. I do care about my privacy, I read contracts, policies and think twice before selecting a checkbox.

I myself have developed Cookie Bar and Online Contract in Billing Extension but enough is enough. Every time I visit a website I'm literally bombarded by gigantic pop-ups that continuously distract me.

It doesn't matter if I have already visited that website just few days ago. I have to repeatedly accept GDPR and cookie policy. Some websites even propose me cryptic pop-ups that opens new sections filled with walls of texts.

Privacy is important but this is getting ridiculous

Lawmakers, website owners and developers are transforming such an important matter into something that people hate to the point that they no longer care of their privacy.

I appeal to my fellow website owners and developers. Please let's stop making this process so annoying in 3 steps.

1. Auto-accept

There's no need to afflict visitors on every page load with pop-ups until they accept policies. What about this? «By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent»

2. Save my consent

What's the point of prompting me cookie policy and GDPR every single day of my life? Save my consent for 21 days and don't ask me again.

3. User friendly

We spend countless time for small details like opacity, fonts and icons but privacy pop-ups are usually ugly and difficult to use. Put the same effort to make this process easy and well-designed.

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