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Payment gateway to integrate WHMCS with GestPay of Banca Sella

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What is GestPay?

GestPay is a service of Banca Sella that enables you to receive payments from your clients. It's the ideal solution for merchants and sellers.

What are its features?

Accept every payment from all over the world without setting limits for your business. Give your customer the ablity to pay with the preferred method, wherever they might be in the world, in any currency and with any device, cutting down the risk of decline in the most crucial step of the purchasing process.

How much does it cost?

It comes with 3 plans that gives you straightforward transaction fees:

  • Starter: 3% + 0.35 € for transaction
  • Professional: 3.5% for transaction + 15 € / month
  • Unlimited: % fee for transaction based on volumes
Does it work with WHMCS?

We developed this Payment Gateway for GestPay that allows you to receive payments from your clients on WHMCS. The gateway is simple to install and complies with PCI requirements. It uses WSCrypt WebService to crypt and decrypt all requests between WHMCS and GestPay. When a client sends you a payment with GestPay, the gateway accordingly marks invoices paid, adds transactions details, calculates fees and redirects him to invoice.

  • Receive payments with GestPay and automatically:
    • Mark invoices paid when they are paid
    • Add transactions details with amounts, transaction IDs and fees
    • Redirect clients to the invoice on success, abort or error
    • Calculate fees for every transaction
  • Fully compatible with all plans offered by GestPay:
    • Starter
    • Professional
    • Unlimited
  • Full support for currency conversion
  • Crypt and decrypt requests using WSCrypt WebService
  • Tokenization featute to comply with PCI requirements
  • The module is fully compatible with WHMCS v7, v6 and v5
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Entirely based on PDO API for MySQL connections safe from SQL injection
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