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Commissions Manager

Create and manage your network of resellers and salespeople

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What is Commissions Manager?

Commissions Manager for WHMCS allows you to manage quickly and easily the payment of commissions to your salespeople or your network of resellers.

How does it work?

From a simple interface you can create one-time and recurring commissions, based on a fixed or variable amount or also on percentages for products/services, domains, invoices and even for entire accounts. Commissions can be created manually directly by you or by members of your staff and also automatically by the module itself.

What are recurring commissions?

On WHMCS your clients can have recurring products/services with you therefore in the same way you can have recurring commissions. Let's say that you have a client with a monthly hosting account. You can create a recurring commission on this service and pay one of your salespeople under certain conditions. For example, you can pay 10% of the monthly fee to your salesperson for 7 months as long as the client renews and keeps his service active with you. After 7 months the module automatically suspends the recurring commission because it is expired and consequently it stops paying your salesperson.

What are automatic commissions?

Automatic commissions allow you to define how much you want to pay to your salespeople for specific products/services or even groups of products/services. As soon as a client completes an order of one of the products in question, he will be asked to specify, if applicable, the name of his sales representative from a list or from a searchable input text. When he confirms, the selected sales representative automatically receive the commission.

What happens when the module pays a commission?

It's up to you. If you want full control over the payment of commissions, you can turn off Automatic Commissions and Automatic Checkout. In this way you can manually review every order, decide if you want to pay the commissions and when. On the other hand if you turn on these features the module can automatically handle both processes. If used along with Billing Extension, you have details about transactions that are also available to your salespeople directly in the client area.

Is it possible to review and manage existing commissions?

Of course, you can review all commissions and also suspend, terminate, unsuspend and extend recurring ones singularly and globally. The module also gives you many graphs from which you can see the return of investment, balance, income and commissions for every salesperson, ratios, income share and also all events over time.

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  • You can create 8 different types of commissions:
    • One time commission
    • Manual or automatic recurring commissions
    • Account commission for domains
    • Account commission for products/services
    • Account commission for all the rest
    • Dynamic commissions based on the available performance levels globally
    • Dynamic commissions based on the available performance levels per client
    • Clients commissions based on fixed levels
  • The terms of commissions can be defined in 4 different modalities:
    • Fixed amount
    • Percentage
    • Fixed amount + Percentage
    • Fixed amount + Percentage + Auto recalculate
  • For automatic commissions clients are asked to specify, if applicable, their sales representative from a list
  • You add WHMCS users to your group of salespeople
  • Recurring terms of commissions can be customized (forever, 1 month, 2 months, 13 months, 55 months...)
  • The module automatically handles currency rate conversion so don't worry about it
  • It pays commissions only when domains, products or invoices are actually paid by customer
  • The module doesn't pay a commission when the salesperson have already received it
  • The module doesn't allow salespeople to receive commissions for their own services
  • You can "checkout" commissions creating a credit note
  • You can also checkout commissions by adding funds to client balance
  • Recurring commissions can be suspended, unsuspended, terminated and extended (if expired)
  • Commissions can be cancelled, set as pending or in checkout
  • The module provides graphs and detailed stats: income, commissions, balance, return of investment and totals
  • Salespeople can review, find and filter their earnings and commissions from a dedicated page
  • Possibility to automatically checkout commissions when a determinate amount has been reached
  • Possibility to automatically drop commissions in checkout when not claimed within a specified number of days
  • Perfectly integrated with Billing Extension module
  • The module is fully compatible with WHMCS v7, v6 and v5
  • Supports multiple currencies and conversion rates
  • Advanced filters and functionalities
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Uses Smarty templates
  • Multi-language with english and italian already present but you can easily add new languages
  • Entirely based on PDO API for MySQL connections safe from SQL injection
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