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Billing Extension

The definitive solution for all your billing needs plus a lot of additional features

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What is Billing Extension?

Billing Extension is the biggest module ever made for WHMCS and the definitive solution for all your billing needs. It has an extremely wide range of features, from billing to new concepts and ideas that improve your system with many handy tools and also new ways to monetize services that you didn't know you could sell.

Isn't WHMCS enough for my billing needs?

WHMCS is a very complex software made for Hosting Providers, Web Agencies and more in general for IT professionals but some parts of it has been left uncompleted. This is the case of the entire billing system which is functional but too basic. It lacks of a lot of essential features and most important it doesn't comply, more or less strongly, with tax regulations and laws of all countries of the world. WHMCS has always been like this since its first release because its developers want to focus on other aspects of the software but luckily they gave us tools to complete and make a perfect billing system.

What is the story of Billing Extension?

We use WHMCS since 2008 and with time we have customized hundreds of systems based on the different requirements and needs of clients. Most of the time the number one question was always the billing system therefore we developed and matured our experience in this matter. After so many times and customizations we decided to transfer all our experience in a single module named Billing Extension that is capable to adapt to multiple scenarios and that can be helpful to any company of any country each one with its peculiar regulations and laws.

How can the module adapt to my specific needs?

We developed the module always keeping in our mind that every single feature had to be modular because every country and company has its own needs. You can easily configure the module so that it knows what to do. For example if your company is based in the European Union the module automatically knows how to apply taxes including rates and names, if you are asked to generate and submit MOSS reports and so on. The module has so many functionalities that can perfectly adapt to your requirements. We put a lot of effort into many details so that most of the time even the most complex question can be solved in seconds by simply updating settings.

Can you name me some features that are strictly related to billing?

The most interesting feature of the module allows you to drastically reduce the total number of invoices generated by WHMCS. Every month the module "compresses" all payments made by every client into one single invoice with all items and transactions inside. By doing this every client receives a maximum number of 12 invoices each year. If you want to go even further, you can enable the Manual Invoicing system that allows you to decide when you want to generate an invoice and for what items. Another interesting feature is the real-time system which checks the validity of VAT numbers against databases maintained by Member States (VIES), VAT MOSS support for EU companies, filter and export transactions and invoices on spreadsheets, create credit notes (also known as reverse invoices) and multi-brand billing that you can use to invoice clients from different brands on the same installation of WHMCS using multiple "pay to text", sequential invoice number, format and much more.

What are the value added features?

There are many features that are not directly related to billing but that we decided to include in the module. You can have the cookie compliance acceptance message, an additional client area page from which your clients can view and filter all their transactions, give bonus to clients who upload funds in their account, paid support tickets, incident reporting for emergencies, penalties to clients reporting fake incidents, customized invoice footer text depending on the entity of your clients (company or private) and country (extra-EU, intra-EU, home country), advanced system for late fees, complete support for service level agreement where you can define your working days/hours, holidays, guaranteed response times and many more features.

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  • Many powerful invoice features:
    • Invoice Data Snapshots (client details, custom fields, currency, brand) upon invoice generation or payment
    • Complete editor to update and synchronize existing Invoice Data Shapshots
    • Additional filtering options and opportunity to export invoices and transactions on XLS spreadsheet
    • Invoice-exempt customers
    • Turn off invoice notifications for specific clients
    • Customers can be assigned to brands
    • Combine paid orders into a single invoice
    • Generate invoices automatically or manually for individuals and companies
    • The module logs payments, bonuses, commissions, funds, checkouts, exempted amounts
    • Payments made with credit balance are visible on invoices and in client area
    • New client area page that clients can use to view/filter their payments, bonus, credit usage, commissions etc.
    • Dynamic Invoice headers ideal to use when you company details change
    • Advanced Credit and Tax management
    • VAT MOSS support
    • Automatically check the validity of VAT numbers against VIES
    • Tax-exempt status can automatically change depending on the result of the check on VIES
    • The module can automatically change the Tax-exempt status of a client when VIES result is negative
    • Alternatively it can also notify you when the Tax-exempt status should be changed
    • Refund invoices in one click creating Credit Notes / Reverse Invoices
    • Display quantity and unit cost on invoice items
  • Several aspects of invoices can be customized depending on the law in your jurisdiction
    • Invoice dates can be set relative to the payment date
    • Shift invoice due dates to a different day
    • You can either apply tax to Add Funds invoices or completely disable them
    • Invoices paid in full with credit can be automatically suppressed
    • Unpaid proforma can be converted into real invoices
    • Subtotal, Total and Tax can be preserved when clients apply credit to invoices
    • Tax field can be set to always show up even if the value of tax is zero
    • Overpayments can be billed directly on overpaid invoices or on new ones
    • Set WHMCS to always generate real invoices instead of proformas
    • Hide unused Configurable Options from invoice description and email notifications
    • Suppress obsolete invoices (e.g. invoices with zero amount)
    • New auto-tags available: {USERID} {COUNTRY} {CURRENCY} {BRAND} in addition to {YEAR} {MONTH} {DAY} {NUMBER}
    • Custom Invoice footer text based on different criteria (e.g. Extra/Intra EU, Home Country, Company/Individual)
  • New Billing Systems:
  • All the new Billing Systems can be enabled globally, per groups or clients
  • Billing Systems can be used simultaneously. The more specific rule takes precedence over a less specific one
  • Multiple stores on the same installation of WHMCS
    • Multi Brand to invoice clients from different brands on the same WHMCS
    • Every brand has its own Invoice header, country, Sequential Invoice Number, format and logo
    • Invoice Sync to synchronize the Sequential Number of Invoices across all your WHMCS systems
  • Level 1 taxes:
    • Multiple geographical, political and economic zones
    • 104 worldwide tax rates and 28 European ones
    • Each tax can have its value and name
  • Level 2 taxes:
    • Level 2 taxes can be set to be applied as fixed amount
    • Each tax can have its value and name
  • Level 3 taxes for products/services:
    • You can charge service-tax based on specific products or groups of products
    • A more specific rule takes precedence over a less specific one
    • Each tax can have its value and name
  • Automatic promotions when clients add funds in their accounts:
    • Give bonus when certain thresholds are reached
    • Incremental growth bonus
  • Provide Premium / Paid support tickets
  • Define a department for emergencies and charge a penalty fee for false report
  • EU cookie law compliance message:
    • Define position (always on top, bottom or follow as you scroll)
    • Display cookie bar every X days
    • Function to auto-accept cookie policy
    • Link to your cookie policy
    • If consent is denied reidirect visitors to a specific URL
    • Multi-language support and customize colors with color pickers
  • Highly customizable late fees system much better than the default one
  • Force client to accept your new terms of service and conditions
  • Full support for Service Level Agreement functionalities and automations:
    • Highlight tickets that are going to expire
    • Automatically send notifications to administrators
    • Sell Service Level Agreement packages
    • Define your working days/hours and holidays
    • Holidays can be set as recurring or one-time
    • Quickly load default working days/hours and holidays
  • Advanced ticket statistics with graphs:
    • Average response time for every employee
    • Fastest employee in responding to tickets
  • Perfectly integrated with Commissions Manager and Advanced Localisation modules
  • The module is fully compatible with WHMCS v7, v6 and v5
  • Uses Smarty templates
  • Multi-language support. Default languages are English and Italian
  • Entirely based on PDO API for MySQL connections safe from SQL injection
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