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Add style and formatting to support tickets with a BBCode system like in the forums

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The module adds BBCode markup language to format support tickets. This feature can be easily used by both clients in front-end and by admins in back-end thanks to the lightweight WYSIWYG BBCode & HTML editor that the module automatically adds to textareas.

You can format and align text, create lists, quote messages, insert code snippets with syntax highlighting and auto-detection of the language, insert horizontal lines, directly add and resize images in ticket message, create links, use emoticons, include videos from Youtube, insert date/time, maximize editor and switch between Source and BBCode view.

  • BBCode support for tickets for both clients and administrators
  • Entirely based on action hooks
  • WYSIWYG & Source Editor
  • The Editor has 5 different themes. You can easily change your theme in one click
  • Basic functionalities: bold, italic, underline, strike, subscript, superscript
  • Text alignment: left, center, right, justify
  • Define font, size, color and remove format
  • Shortcuts: cut, copy, paste, paste text
  • Add unordered and ordered list
  • Insert code snippet with formatting and quote messages
  • Auto detection of the language you write between [code][/code] tags
  • Automatic syntax highlighting of source code
  • Add horizontal line, images, email address, URL, remove URL
  • Emoticons, Youtube videos, print current date and time, LTR and RTL
  • Maximize Editor and switch between WYSIWYG and Source Editor
  • Supports right-to-left and left-to-right mode
  • You can turn on and off specific BBCode functions in one click
  • Smarty modifier that automatically format the style of your tickets
  • The module is fully compatible with WHMCS v7, v6 and v5
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Uses Smarty templates
  • Multi-language with english and italian already present but you can easily add new languages
  • Entirely based on PDO API for MySQL connections safe from SQL injection
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