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Advanced Localisation

Geolocalise visitors, define language and currency for every country and use multilingual domains

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What is Advanced Localisation?

The module uses MaxMind GeoIP databases to identify the location of visitors on your website for content personalization. Depending on the location of a visitor, the module can automatically set the language and currency with no latency or delay. This is just one of the many features that the module offers.

How accurate are the GeoIP databases?

MaxMind tests the accuracy of the GeoIP Databases on a periodic basis. In recent tests, the GeoIP databases tested at 99.8% accurate on a country level since 2002 and it covers 99.99% of IP addresses in use.

Tell me more...

Since GeoIP databases are so accurate, we implemented a feature named Strict-Mode that, when enabled, doesn't allow visitors to switch language and/or currency. For example you can make sure that British visitors always pay you in pound, Italians in euro, Americans in dollar and also that Spanish view the website in Spanish. Of course you can also disable this feature and allow visitors to freely change their automatically assigned language and/or currency.

How do I know what language is spoken in Albania?

Don't worry. Given that you can change the language assigned to a particular country in one click, the module comes with several language rules already defined for 177 countries. We did a lot of research about official and second official languages and we also took into account many particular scenarios. For example a standard installation of WHMCS doesn't support Albanian language but since Albanians can speak Italian, the module automatically sets this language for them. When the module can not determine what language to use for a given country it will always set the default language.

What about SEO? Search engines don't like session-based pages

This is a long standing problem of WHMCS. WHMCS provides content in different languages on the same URL and this leads to duplicate content penalty. Moreover your website is indexed only in the default language on search results. Advanced Localisation can solve all these issues enhancing your presence in search engines allowing you use multiple domain names or aliases for each language. For example look at our website. We are not using any GeoIP functionality but we use country-specific domain names: katamaze.com in English and katamaze.it in Italian. In this way we can tell Google that our site is targeting a particular geographic region and therefore we have been indexed on google.it with katamaze.it and katamaze.com for the rest of the world. You can achieve the same result on your website also using aliases (e.g. en.wikipedia.org, it.wikipedia.org).

Is there anything else?

PayPal is not available in all countries of the world. For example in Myanmar PayPay is not supported so what's the point of showing it to your Burmese customers? Or what if you don't want to accept payments with PayPal in France? The module can make it possible. You can disallow certain payment gayeways for every country. Lastly it can also be used in conjunction with Billing Extension to provide multi-brand billing support. For more informations please refer the official page of Billing Extension.

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  • Geolocalisation using very accurate data created by Maxmind.com
  • Automatic detection of languages installed in your WHMCS
  • Associate languages and currencies to countries
  • Multi-language domains (example.it, example.es etc.) or subdomains (it.example.com, es.example.com etc.)
  • Disallow certain payment gateways for specific countries
  • Predefined rules for 177 countries
  • Strict mode for language. When enabled visitors can't change their "geolocalised" language
  • Strict mode for currency. When enabled visitors can't change their "geolocalised" currency
  • Enhance your presence on search engines
  • Avoid duplicate content issues and penalties on search engines
  • Auto-select country dropdown for clients while they are registering based on their location
  • The module is fully compatible with WHMCS v7, v6 and v5
  • Advanced filters and functionalities
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Uses Smarty templates
  • Multi-language with english and italian already present but you can easily add new languages
  • Entirely based on PDO API for MySQL connections safe from SQL injection
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