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Back   Published on 12 february 2018 / Updated on 21 january 2021
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Over the past few months the problem of support ticket fragmentation made the answering process very difficult. The need for an integrative solution to overcome long waiting times led us to create a brand new way to handle feature requests, bug reporting and feedback. The new Laboratory section offers you all these possibilities and gives back to support tickets their primary role.

Feature request

Have an idea? Tell us about it. You can also attach files to provide additional information. This help us a lot to speed up support ticket response times and focus on the development of new features. Feature requests and support tickets are in fact no longer mixed together.

Report bug

From now on the Lab is the only place to use for reporting bugs for two reasons. First of all anyone can view opened bugs. People with similar issues can join the conversation and provide us more details allowing us fix bugs faster. Lastly we no longer have to handle multiple tickets about the same bugs which leads to having lower waiting times.


All feature requests and bug reports are public and accessible by anyone. Not only you can see our developing schedule and plans for the future but also add a comment! Maybe you like one of our projects but you feel that we are missing something important. Now you can tell us your thoughts by adding a comment.

Priority list

Among all our projects we also wanted to know what you value most. Even if you don't want to participate actively by requesting features, reporting bugs or adding comments, you can still express your judgement. By moving opened projects up and down you can let us know what is your priority list.

We use all the available information to determine what are the projects that our community values most. With a proprietary algorithm we can determine your orientation in a scale that goes from 0% (least important) to 100% (most important). Our Lab is a breath of fresh air in a world made of requests randomly stacked in support tickets. We are very confident that it will be a little revolution.

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