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Back   Published on 9 february 2018 / Updated on 21 january 2021
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While we were developing our new website that is entirely based on WHMCS, quite soon we realized that the lack of support for the creation of contents had to be addressed.

The standard Announcements and Knowledgebase sections included in WHMCS are there unchanged since ages and from our experience this is the main reason why many start using an additional CMS like Wordpress or Joomla for contents and keep WHMCS for all the rest. Obviously there are also people who use WHMCS for everything but in both case there are pros and cons. Let's have a look.

WHMCS plus any CMS

It could be easier to create contents but you add complexity to your ecosystem. Now you have to take care of two systems that can cause twice of the problems and increasing costs. Integration is expensive and susceptible to updates.


If you can accept the lack several handy tools such as image uploader, widgets, a simple way to set banners and write translations and the outdated UI, you can avoid using another CMS but content creation could be frustrating.


Mercury is the latest module we created to solve this long-standing issue. With Mercury you have the best from both sides without compromises. Moreover the module also incorporates our new proprietary technologies:

  • SorTables the new way to manage data
  • Get rid of old-fashioned input fields with MagicInput
  • Content localisation at its peak with HereLang

Special offer

If you are using our Software Manager module you can get Mercury free of charge for one year. Software Manager will be discontinued. Migration script is not available at the moment.

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