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On October Mercury received three updates (1.3.12, 1.3.13 and 1.3.14) aimed to improve SEO and "shareability" on Social Media.

First off every page, category, post, article, news etc. you publish now has Meta Description to improve your WHMCS indexing on Search Engines. You can freely enter such descriptions but if you are in a hurry Mercury can automatically fill them with an excerpt of your article.

As you probably know, last year we introduced Open Graph Protocol with version 1.2.0. We're glad to announce that we made notable technical improvements to this feature. You can read all details in documentation. Thanks to these changes sharing contents on Social Media is possible by simply copy-pasting the URL on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and you'll get something like follows.

Mercury will automatically "transmit" title, description and featured image of your article, news, post ecc. to Social Media. Lasty we fixed an issue with the integrated Sitemap generator for WHMCS.

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