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Electronic Invoicing is spreading around the world. In Billing Extension we have already implemented E-Invoicing for Italy and recently we've started to integrate Slovenia but many of you want us to do the same for other countries because next year E-Invoicing is becoming mandatory in many of them.

It took 4 months and more than 30 releases to complete the integration for Italy which has probably the most advanced, feature-rich and complex architecture that involves things like XML files, Invoice Batch, Intermediary platforms, digital signature, encryption, rejection or approval, secure transmissions, WebServices, hundreds of validations and checks performed by Revenue Agency, Tax Registry, SdI platform...

Even though other countries are easier to integrate, sadly we cannot integrate them all. The implementation of E-Invoicing in fact differs enormously from country to country due to regulations and technological aspects. That said, we came up with an idea.

We're going to release a new plugin for Billing Extension (yes, BX has plugins) that adds a WebService that retreives get all data you need to integrate your WHMCS with E-Invoicing of any country via API. We do understand that the WebService is not the same of a full integration but at least you have something to start with.

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