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Similarly to Revenue stamp on Invoices, this feature affects companies based in Italy. If your company operates in another country this topic doesn't apply to you.

Fattura Elettronica is a new concept that, unless it is extended, will be effective next year. Italian companies will be required to send their invoices to Revenue Agency on a daily basis with electronic transmission. We're working to make this process possible directly on WHMCS with a plugin of Billing Extension.

Let us know your thoughts and feel free to share with us information you think are important.

Big news! We've completed the integration of WHMCS with fatturazione elettronica. You can find all details in the official announcement: Fatturazione Elettronica.

Now we are working to create a webservice in Billing Extension that can be used to extract the information needed to generate FatturaPA. This way it will be possible to integrate our solution with your own platform, accounting software etc.

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