Issuing Credit Notes

Issuing Credit Notes

Back   Posted on 26 october 2018 / Updated on 15 october 2019
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Billing Extension offers you 3 different modes to issue credit notes. Before describing the peculiarities of each method, keep in mind that the purpose of this article is to help you understanding which is most suitable to your needs. We don't want to overcomplicate things but every country has its own rules about issuing credit notes. Take you time to find the proper configuration.


You should use this mode when you need to refund a payment that has no correlation to an invoice in WHMCS. It may occur when a customer wrongly sent you a payment for no reason. You can create the credit note in two ways. You can start by visiting client profile and clicking Invoices tab. At the top right corner you'll find the following buttons.

Simply hit Create Credit Note to issue a new credit note. Alternatively you can generate it starting from a proforma. In Invoice View Billing Extension adds the new line Document Type. As you can see from the screenshot below, in our example we're viewing a proforma. Click the pencil icon to show the available options. Select Credit Note option to convert the proforma into a credit note.

In both case, the newly created credit note will be empty. Don't forget to add descriptions and define amounts.

Based on Refunds

This mode allows you to issue credit notes for refunds. Let's suppose that a customer sent you a wrong amount of money and that you need to reverse the payment or part of it. We start using the standard Refund feature of WHMCS.

In the example below we are refunding 5 EUR manually (processed externally). Keep in mind that Billing Extension will not allow you to issue credit notes for refunds credited in client's credit balance.

Once we completed the refunding process, right below this section the module shows this new panel.

Here we find all the refunded transactions that exist on this invoice. Use the checkboxes to select the specific transactions you want to register in a credit note and press Generate Credit Note. The module now shows the newly generated credit note that can be visited, downloaded and printed in one click.

When you are viewing the credit note you can also find the reference to the related invoice.

Based on Invoice Items

The third way does not involve the refunding process. It allows you to issue a credit note for specific items listed on invoice. Take a look at the screenshot below.

First off we use the checkbox to select Beta item then we expand the dropdown menu. Here Billing Extension adds a new option named Generate Credit Note. Select it to generate the credit note for Beta item. That's it. Now you're probably thinking what's the purpose of the blue icons for Alfa and Gamma items. Let's see it together.

Alfa and Gamma items can't be selected because they've been already credited in another document. If you leave the mouse on the icon it says "Line already credited in CN-2018-21-B" (it is the number of  the credit note). We can also click the icon to view the document in question. This feature is useful also because it makes sure that you don't accidentally issue multiple credit notes for the same item.