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Refunding payments may seem a pretty safe process in WHMCS but actually it causes invoicing problem. There are 3 Refund Types:
  • Refund through Gateway (If supported by module)
  • Manual Refund Processed Externally
  • Add to Client's Credit Balance
From invoicing perspective WHMCS treats them all in the same way which is wrong. When you refund money through credit balance no invoice is due but the other two options would require the issue of a credit note. In several countries refunds must go with credit notes since all types of transactions (income and outcome) must be recorded.

Refund Interface

Every time you refund an invoice (partially or wholly), Billing Extension registers all the outcoming transactions directly on invoice as you can see from the example below.

Instead of automatically issuing a credit note for each refund, we give you the opportunity to decide when and if you want to issue the credit note. Once you're ready simply select the payments you want to "officially" record in a credit note. Billing Extension makes this process even easier storing information about invoice and its related credit notes / refunds. First off it changes Refunds tab with this new one.

Secondly it gives you a table from which you can quickly review and download all the related credit notes / refunds.

The same simplicity can be found also when you are viewing credit notes.

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