Changelog Latest release 4 years ago

Improved 1
  • MagicInput. New type of textarea
Fixed 1
  • Potential bug with FileUploader (can't upload files)
Improved 1
  • Module's core has been updated to improve loading times
Improved 1
  • Fallback for systems with weird (so to speak) PHP ReflectionClass configuration
Deprecated 1
  • In version 2.0.4 we introduced a fallback for system without date.timezone specified in php.ini. We're reverting this change since it caused small issues with on some WHMCS
Improved 2
  • Module Auto-Updater notably improved
  • Small Core improvement. Fallback for systems without date.timezone specified in php.ini
Improved 1
  • Updated translations


In this release we fix an issue with Input Number of our MagicInput. More in particular it had problems detecting a specific format of decimal and thousands separators.

Fixed 1
  • InputNumber of MagicInput. Problem with a specific format of decimal and thousands separators
Improved 1
  • Even though the module has no interface, we added a sort of welcome page


Module's core has been update with our new Framework that we're already using on Billing Extension, Mercury, Payments Bundle and very soon also on Commission Manager.

Since Italian Language Pack doesn't have an interface, you'll probably notice no difference but we encourage you to update because we have great plans in the days to come. Read Developer's Note to learn how to upgrade form any 1.x.x version to 2.0.0.

New 1
  • Framework upgrade
Improved 2
  • Improvements to Language, Input (module's PHP core classes) and js of SorTables
  • Module's layout improved on third-party templates

Developer notes

You can upgrade form any 1.x.x version to 2.0.0 following these steps:

  1. Backup modules/addons/ItalianLanguagePack
  2. Delete modules/addons/ItalianLanguagePack
  3. Download and install Italian Language Pack 2.0.0 replacing all files. Don't forget to read the READ ME.txt file!

Try to browse both frontend and backend to make sure that everything is working as expected. If something goes wrong do as follows:

  1. Delete modules/addons/ItalianLanguagePack
  2. Restore the backup you have of modules/addons/ItalianLanguagePack
  3. Submit a ticket


Lot of improvements to translations. This is a must-have update that you shouldn't miss.

Improved 1
  • Hugely improved translations
New 3
  • 71 new email templates fully translated in Italian
  • The translation of the admin interface has been updated in line with recent changes of WHMCS
  • New variable {$docutype} available for Invoice Messages. This variable is used to determine if the document is an invoice, a proforma or a credit and to apply the appropriate translation
Improved 3
  • The installer of the module has been improved
  • The quality of translated text has been improved
  • Licensing script is more stable